3 Tips for Completing a 52 Week Photo Project

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Many newcomers to the art of photography are always looking for ways to improve their photography. The easiest way I have found is to take on a 52 Week Photo Project.  Over the course of the year you'll be taking a photograph every single week.  The idea is to find fun things that mean something to you, such as photographing your children or finally diving into food photography.

52 Week Photo Project

Here are 3 tips to help you get started today!

  1. Pick a theme each week: Before you start you challenge take some time to write down something you'd like to improve upon in your photography.  You could pick a photographic technique such as understanding aperture, or you could pick something like an emotion to depict or a color.  The sky is the limit on the theme each week, just pick something.  If you are at a loss for idea there are several websites dedicated to themes for 52 week projects, such as I Heart Faces and Evoking you!52 Week Photo Project - A photo a week
  2. Take your camera with you:  Photograph with intention, and take that camera with you.  Even if you have a large DSLR take it with you during the course of the year.  You never know what you will stumble upon during your everyday.  I personally keep my camera near me when I'm home and carry it with me even on walks with my little one to the park.  I never know if he'll do something cute, or I will walk out the door to a beautiful sunset that day. 52 Week Challenge - A Photo a Week
  3. Don't be hard on yourself:  Even though is is a project that does require work to keep up with don't be afraid to miss a week if you need to.  We are all human so if you have a sick baby at home (which is a great photographic opportunity by the way!) take some time off.  Then pick up where you left off.  Also don't be over critical of the work you produce over the course of the year.  You are doing this to improve, some weeks your photos will not be the best, and that's okay.  The point is simply to learn from your mistakes and chart your improvement over the course of the year.  Try not to compare your photographs to others and focus on your own work.  This is your year!

Have you attempted a 52 Week Photography in the past?  What tips would you share if you completed one?


Dina Farmer profile  Dina is the author of Blueberries and Bokeh a blog dedicated to helping moms and dads take better photos of their children.  Dina is a SAHM of one little (monster) boy. Married to an amazing Air Force man that stole her heart.

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