Relationships: 5 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Dad


Relationships—Dad is the handyman, the one who keeps the house from falling apart from leaks and breaks. He's the provider that helps keep bread in the pantry. He takes the kids outdoors to teach them every sport and build the fires at campouts. Dad is the first to take the kids on their first drive when they get their driving permit. He comes to inspect your first home to make sure you’re making a good investment, reminds you to check your car oil and then does it all over again with your children as the grandpa.

No matter what stage you’re at with your dad, there is no better time to strengthen your relationship with him as you realize how much he’s done for you. If you feel like you’ve never had a special bond to your dad, there’s no reason you can’t start to create one now.

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Dad


The best way to have a strong relationship with anyone is to talk with them. We are lucky to have many modern conveniences that allow us to do this so easily. Talk with your dad often; tell him the simple things you did throughout the day and keep up with his latest adventures as well.

Make Him Feel Wanted

Ask him questions and seek his advice. Your bond will grow as you follow his advice and help him understand how much you appreciated that advice. He will feel closer to you and more cared about as you seek him for knowledge. Participate in his birthdays and other special occasions to show your love and care for him.

Get Together Often

Just do something together. Anything. It could be a fishing date or you could just stop by his house to spend some time with him. Invite him to your children’s events and encourage a strong relationship between your father and your children. As their bond grows and he becomes a part of your family’s life, the stronger your relationship with him will become.

Create Memories Together

Do something out of the norm to create a lasting memory and have fun! Do things you used to do together when you were young or find common interests. Build a snowman together and bring your kids to create a lasting family tradition. Did you just find out that you both have an interest in whales? Plan a whale watching trip. Reminisce on old memories that you made together so he knows that you remember him and what he’s done.

Show Your Appreciation

First, take a step back and realize how much he has done for you throughout the years or what he is trying to do for you now. Show that you are grateful for him by saying thank you in person or through a card. You can also let him know that you appreciate his work by letting him know how useful the shelf he made is or by thanking him for teaching you how to change a tire. Show you are grateful for him through your words as well as your actions. Return favors to him and take time out of your schedule to do something for him.

What are some ways you are strengthening your relationship with your dad?

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