7 Reasons to Never Stay at Timeshare Rentals

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Looking for small lodging quarters for your travel, places without kitchens, not enough bathrooms or TVs? Then for sure don't look into timeshare rentals.


Last week, my son and I went to Las Vegas for an end-of-summer celebration (Thanks Choice Hotels!). Rather than stay at one of the big hotels on the strip, we spent the night at a boutique timeshare rental property just a short distance away. And our experience was nothing less than fabulous. In fact, my family and I have stayed at timeshare rentals across the country and our stays have always been tremendous.

timeshare rental vs staying at a hotel

7 Ways to Tell If Timeshare Rentals Is a Lodging Choice You Should Consider

If you're someone who says you would never choose timeshare rentals over a hotel, read this list of seven reasons to never stay at a timeshare. If you agree with one or more of the statements, then perhaps timeshare rentals aren't for you. Fair warning, however! After reviewing this list, you may want to give timeshare rentals a try.

1.  You Prefer Lodging Without Kitchens

If you don't like having a kitchen, timeshare rentals may not be your thing. We're not talking just a lukewarm mini-fridge like a hotel room might have, but rather a full on kitchen with range, microwave, and cupboards with actual dishes and utensils. Sure, you can store your leftovers in the full-size fridge. But you can also bring groceries and make your own meals too. Even if you're just a cold cereal or mac and cheese type of family, you've got pots and pans and bowls and spoons!


timeshare apartments have full kitchens

2. You Prefer Tight to Spacious Quarters

At a traditional hotel, you get a room, but at timeshare rentals you actually get room. There's usually a separate bedroom (or rooms) with a door, but you get a relaxing living area too. I like to read or watch TV before hitting the sack, but my wife doesn't. When we spend the night at a hotel this means I usually find myself reading on a couch in the lobby so I don't disturb the Mrs. In a timeshare rental I just shut the door to her bedroom and I've got the living area (and kitchen!) all to myself—I don't even need to wear pants!

3. You Don't Enjoy the Option to Add More Rooms

Most timeshare rentals have a common area that includes the kitchen and living areas, with the separate bedroom(s) off to the side. Additional rooms and areas are attached and can be reserved if you need the extra space. In our case, my son had an entire additional suite with bedroom, kitchenette, bathroom, and living area all to himself. Not too shabby for a teenage boy, and a huge plus when you've got a large family or friends you like to travel with.


timeshare apartments have separate bedrooms and living areas

4. You Hate Having Multiple TVs and Prefer Sharing/Fighting Over TV Shows

Between my bedroom, my son's room, my son's separate living room, and our common family room during our stay at the Bluegreen Club, we had four flat screen TVs. On this trip, we didn't have much time for watching the 'ole boob tube. But if we had more time and more people we could have watched Monday Night Football, Parenthood, Sesame Street, and The Biggest Loser all at the same time. We can't even do that when we're in our own home.

5. You Love Sharing One Bathroom With Your Entire Family

If you've got kids (or even just a wife!) having more than one bathroom is a major benefit. Multiple showers, multiple toilets, and multiple sinks! Are you sure you don't want to consider a timeshare rental?


Timeshare apartments have multiple spacious bathrooms

6. You Prefer Taking Extra Clothes and Paying Luggage Fees Due to Not Being Able to Do Laundry While on Vacation

The timeshare properties where I've stayed all included a washer and dryer. Not just on the property but in our suite. This cuts down on the number of outfits you need to bring. In my wife's case, this means she has room to bring additional pairs of shoes.

7. You Love Paying a High Price for Fewer Amenities

Timeshare properties are almost always cheaper than hotels when simply comparing price. But when you consider the amount of space and comfort, plus additional savings on luggage fees and restaurants, staying at a timeshare will most certainly save you money.


timeshare rentals luxury and relaxation

And don't think that just because it's a timeshare you'll have to sacrifice on quality. Some of the most trusted and recognizable hoteliers in the world offer timeshare properties in thousands of destinations around the world. My son and I stayed at the Bluegreen Club 36 in Las Vegas, which is part of Choice Hotels' Ascend Collection of upscale properties. From the lobby and rooms to the service and amenities, the entire experience was first class from top to bottom.

So the next time you take a trip, consider staying in a timeshare rental. You'll have more space, more amenities, and will most likely save a buck or two as well.

Disclosure: Choice Hotels provided lodging and travel during our Las Vegas adventure, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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