Accessories: Headbands, Flowers, and Jewels

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Headbands have been all the rage for quite a while but they just seem to be getting bigger and better! Those huge flowers aren't just for babies anymore. Large flower headband designs are popping up for all ages... even for moms! I admit it... I own a giant flower headband or two!

I was scanning my list of crafting blogs this week and stumbled across a few things I wanted to share with you. My first stop was at Hannah Banannas Designs (I promise I spelled it right!)

Next up is So Happy Together. I just love this blog. She has amazing tutorials. You can see here that big ribbons and flowers are here to stay. My advice? Don't shy away from black. So many parents are afraid to dress their child in black. Pair it with a fun color and you've got a chic look for your little one that's suitable for both the playground and the party.

Finally, I'll share with you another crafty tutorial blog: The Frugal Girls. Clippies are a huge deal at our house. My little Allison has shorter hair that doesn't always stay in a ponytail. She likes to use clips to keep her bangs out of her eyes. It's easy to make an array of bits and bobs full of sparkles for your glittery girl!

So remember... You can't go wrong with big ribbons, flowers, and sparkles this year! Be bold! Also, embrace black... even in the Spring.

What are some of your favorite accessories? What is your child's favorite accessory at the moment? What are you most looking forward to wearing during the warmer months?

Kelly Loubet is the founder of the blog Everyday Childhood. She’s a mother of two that loves to create, write and share her passion. Kelly is the President of the Arizona Chapter of Mom It Forward. Each month she devotes time to charitable giving in her community. In her other life… she’s the Social Media Marketing Manager for Social2B, where she helps brands develop their social media marketing strategy. Follow her on Twitter @childhood.

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