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Ashley Johnathan Clements: UN Worker in Myanmar

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Want to make a difference while working towards a dream of photography? Take note from Ashley Jonathan Clements who has been doing just that in eastern Kachin state and showing the world through her blog.

This past February, Clements was a part of a convoy in eastern Kachin with food and supplies for 6,500 people who were displaced by fighting in the country. Ashley loves the work she does because she gets to help people while traveling the world and then show the world what is happening through her photographs.

The beauty of Myanmar

Ashley explains in her blog that their convoy traveled in a place where foreigners hadn’t been for years. They arrived with three foreigners, six trucks, and UN Land Cruisers. It is a rewarding experience to help so many people in need; she says the kids were so happy and grateful to get good food. She brilliantly captures these moments and more through the pictures on her blog.

children in war torn Mayanmar

Of course there is no need to travel the world to make a difference, just donate to a Myanmar charity!. Every dollar helps the Kachin people during war time. Here is a list of a few possible charities:

  • Action Against Hunger (ACF) - ACF focuses on the water and food needs of the citizens affected by the war/disaster areas. With more funds ACF plans to distribute water purifying tablets and clean water, perform environmental clean up, promote basic hygiene, and provide food or cash to victims. Click here to donate.
  • Direct Relief International - Direct Relief gives medical resources to countries and people that really need it. Direct Relief International is working with local humanitarian assistance groups to distribute supplies. Click here to donate.
  • International Rescue Committee - The IRC provides victims of war, disaster and political oppression with aid. The IRC accesses the needs of countries like this and tries to help them. Click here to donate.


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