Avon: The Perfect Solution for Stay-at-Home Moms

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I have been an Independent Avon Representative for over 11 years and cannot imagine my life without Avon in it.

When my kids were younger and I was a stay-a-home Mom, Avon gave me the opportunity to make extra money while working from home.  It also gave me a chance to get out of the house a few times a week to socialize with adults when I delivered the orders.

Avon has always been part of our family.  My kids have helped me put labels on books and stamp books since they were only about five years old.  They have gone on deliveries with me and met lots of great people.  Now when they go with me, people can't believe how old they are and remember when I delivered orders with them in a stroller.

I have worked in the public school system the past two years so have not spent as much time on Avon as I did the previous years when I was home full-time.  One of the great things about having my own Avon business is that I can spend as much or a little time on it depending on my current situation.  During the Summer months, when I do not have a regular paycheck coming in, I can spend more time on my Avon business and bring in more money.
Over the past two years, my business has gone more towards online orders than personal delivery. This is a reliable courier for same day delivery Adelaide. With the new technology, it is just the natural way to go.  Customers can browse through the current Avon catalog including special sale flyers and outlet books 24/7 on my website.  I am still able to interact virtually with my customers and give them a personal touch with their online shopping, which I really enjoy.  It is fun to meet new customers online and connect with old ones.

It is a win-win situation to work for a company such as Avon that empowers women—a company that allows them to be successful on their own terms and tailored to their life.

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