Babysitters: Keeping Kids Safe While You’re Away

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Most parents with little ones would agree that managing to get a night out is no small feat! Having a great sitter on your speed dial that the kids are excited about and that you trust is key. If the stars align and she’s available, it’s a sign that you are meant to go enjoy yourselves. Coming home to a clean house would be a bonus, but knowing that your little ones are safe and happy while you’re out is essential. Make sure you give your sitter the tools to tackle whatever may come his or her way.

Tips for Preparing Your Babysitter

  • Require sitters to stay up-to-date on CPR certification and First Aid training.
  • Have First Aid kits and fire extinguishers in your home and be sure to tell your sitter where they are located.
  • Have flashlights and a corded phone handy in case of power outage.
  • Have a hide-a-key in case of a lock-out while playing outside.
  • If there are any known allergies, inform your sitter. Indicate what the allergens are, what the allergic response will look like, and how to respond. Be sure to have necessary medications or supplies on hand.
  • Keep medications out of reach of the kids, but accessible by your sitter.
  • Post this written info by a phone in a central location: Home address and phone number, contact information while you are out, and emergency contact numbers (poison control, pediatrician, dentist, neighbors, grandparents, etc.)
  • Have accessible any info the sitter may need to communicate to a health care provider in an emergency, such as relevant health history, current medications, insurance information, etc.
  • Assume nothing. Walk a new sitter through your house, sharing: the "lay of the land" both inside and outside, your expectations (bathing, whether or not other kids can come over, etc.), and house rules (Tell him/her what the kids already know and fill him/her in on any recent challenges. Is your toddler into climbing at the moment or does your preschooler try to ride bikes sans helmet?)

Of course, you can’t prevent every hiccup, even if you are home. Preparing your home, your kids, and your sitter for best- and worst-case scenarios will give you peace of mind and allow you to most enjoy your time out. And worry-free “me” time on date night is priceless!

What different ways do you prepare your babysitter to deal with urgent issues while you're away?

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