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Celebrate World PLAY-DOH Day

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During our Family Forward 2016 weekend at Universal Orlando Resort during Labor Day weekend, PLAY-DOH was a fantastic sponsor that surprised the attendees with a family-friendly room drop. Included in the room drop were all sorts of fun items for the whole family to enjoy, including containers of their famous PLAY-DOH product. The timing couldn't have been better seeing as how it's World PLAY-DOH Day today.


As part of the World PLAY-DOH Day and 60th birthday celebrations today, the PLAY-DOH brand is celebrating its past by looking to the future, imagining what fashion, food, science, life, and the world as a whole will look like in the next 60 years. On World PLAY- DOH Day 2016 (September 16), Hasbro’s iconic brand will celebrate its 60th birthday by inviting fans around the globe to share what they imagine life to look like 60 years into the future.

The brand gathered imaginative predictions from the youngest members of the PLAY-DOH fan community, and brought those visions to life using 100% PLAY-DOH compound (images below)!


World PLAY-DOH Day has been celebrated since 2006. It started as ‘National’ PLAY-DOH Day, but excitement surrounding the holiday grew far beyond U.S. boundaries, and it evolved into World PLAY-DOH Day in 2015. To commemorate the brand’s past, the PLAY-DOH brand will engage its community by looking toward the future. Families and fans are invited to share what they imagine fashion, food, science, life, and the world as a whole to look like in the next 60 years.

Here are some of the creations that Family Forward attendees made:




PLAY-DOH Fun Facts

Did you know:

  • There are 3 main ingredients in PLAY-DOH compound: water, flour, and salt.
  • 4 colors started it all: red, blue, yellow, and white. Now the PLAY-DOH brand has over 50 colors!
  • 3 billion PLAY-DOH cans have been sold since 1956.
  • 169 dinosaurs would weigh about the same as all the PLAY-DOH compound sold world wide in one year!
  • You would need more than 631 million PLAY-DOH cans to circle all the way around the world.
  • You would need more than 631 million PLAY-DOH cans to circle all the way around the world.

Fans can join in the fun today (September 16, 2016) by sharing their predictions using #PLAYDOH60 and #WORLDPLAYDOHDAY, and by participating in the conversations on Instagram (@PLAYDOH) and Facebook (

How will you celebrate World PLAY-DOH Day today?

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored as part of PLAY-DOH's Family Forward 2016 sponsorship.

Top photo is courtesy of Melinda Jae Photography. Collage is made from photos provided by PLAY-DOH.

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