Children’s Literature and Activities That Lead to a Love of Reading


When I was in college, I didn't read much for fun. I read all the time, but it was research or text books, not fiction or literature. Our kids can get in the same rut when school starts.

Even children who love to read can find their reading time at home gobbled up by school work, extra curricular activities, and time outside. All those things are crucial, but making sure our kids enjoy reading—reading for fun at home and not just at or for school— is a goal we, as parents, should work toward with them and can achieve.

Four Tips to Helping Your Kids Learn to Love Reading

Here are some tips and great fall books to get your kids reading for leisure this fall.

1. Get squishy with bedtime. I know bedtime is sacred in my house too but ... by just adding 15 extra light on minutes a day with the rule that it must be spent reading will make a world of difference. If your child isn't a reader yet you can still do this just cuddle up next to your child and read to them.

2. Get familiar with your public library. It's free and it's full of awesome books. Talk to your child about what sort of books they want to check out, help them find a stack ( not one or two... more like 5 or 10) and get excited about what they found. Repeat every 2-3 weeks. Also, sign up for email reminders for late books if you can, it saves us a lot of money!

3. Get them into a series. Books with sequels naturally offer a continuation of reading and you get a child excited about the next one.

4. Have a family book club. If your children are reading independently make deadlines, plan a family evening with treats and talk about the book. A quick internet search will usually produce book club questions. Make it fun.

Recommended Fall Books for Kids of All Ages

Baby and Toddler

Fall by Roger Priddy is a perfect book for your youngest readers. This board book will keep your little one's hands busy exploring fall textures as you read, something many wiggly toddlers need.


When Autumn Falls by Kelli Nidey is a stunning look at all the things that fall this time of year not just leaves from the trees.

Apple Farmer Annie
by Monica Wellington is such a great book for preschoolers. I can't recomend it enough, especially this time of year!

School Age Series

Eric Wilson Mysteries. This author was a favorite of mine growing up and his very readable but also very age appropriate mysteries will keep your 3rd-6th graders reading and wanting more.

Harry Potter
with the final movies about to be released parents can leverage excitement about reading too!

Hunger Games. Have you read these yet? The final book in the trilogy Mockingjay  has just been released and getting rave reviews from kids, teens and adults a like!

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