Technology: How to Choose a Tablet for Your Child


Technology: How to Choose a Tablet for Your Child


This Christmas we are going to be giving our youngest child a tablet, but trying to decide which one has been difficult. Over the last year, the tablet market has exploded. There are so many options—how do you narrow them down to make the right choice?

Since our oldest has an iPod Touch, we thought the decision was simple and we would just get one of those for the other one. However, he has vision issues and we just feel that it is too small. So that has opened up a new universe of options.

How to Choose a Tablet for Your Child

These are some of the questions that I am using as part of my decision-making process:

  • What devices do we already own? Since we have already invested time and money in a particular platform, it may make sense to stick with that one. However, there is no point in staying with a platform you know if it isn’t the correct fit.
  • What platforms do we want to invest in as our needs grow? Over the next year, I do plan to make some new technology purchases. How do the tablets play into that decision?
  • Price? How much is too much for a child’s device? Some are expensive and may not make the most sense for a child who will be harder on it than and adult.
  • Child’s age? My preschooler has different needs than a fourth or fifth grader. The apps or tools that he is going to use are different. He will need a simple interface that will make it easy to find his movies, apps, and games. My second grader will need more security since he now wants to begin to look up YouTube videos and visit some websites.
  • App store? What kind of apps are available for a particular device? Just because they have thousands of apps, doesn’t mean they have the correct ones for your child.
  • Manufacturer? This is a minor consideration for me, but still one to think about. The larger the manufacturer, the better chance a major retailer can service the device. It is also good to look at their reputation of producing good products.
  • Custom? Does the device have a custom interface? Can you easily modify it to meet your needs? Some many not let you have any flexibility, while others could be very open.

If you are considering a tablet for your child this holiday season, I hope you find this helpful and you are able to make an educated choice.

Have you purchased a tablet for your child? Which one did you decide to buy and why?

Sarah is the mom to two boys, a mompreneur, an aspiring author, a technology geek and passionate blogger. Since her oldest child was born in 2005, she has been a stay-at-home mom and in 2009 she started her blog The Will to See. The Will to See is her outlet and forum that chronicles her experiences, including raising children with vision and GI issues, becoming a mompreneur, and learning how to write a book. She also writes for ShePosts and Girl Power Hour.


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  1. Lisa says:

    We got a 7 in tablet for our son (age 10) and still shopping for something for our teen girl. I need to go into a store and see the difference between a 9 and 10 inch tablet. Is it really a big difference or not enough to spend an extra $100 for the 10 inch?

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