Christmas Gifts for Mom: Why We Are the Last Ones to Get the Good Stuff?


Mom does it all. But does she get it all?

I am the mom. And during the holidays this means I orchestrate the chaos, the Christmas concerts, and the holiday recitals. I bring home the gingerbread men and frost them too! I make giant lists of the must haves for each kid from video game gadgets to the latest teen girl boots. I make sure the stockings are hung, strung and filled will the trinkets kids lack. And like a mind reader I materialize the exact item my husband most wants under the tree.

I spend extra time thoughtfully shopping for teacher gifts and volunteering my time at local charities and events. What’s that? You need me to bake 2 dozen cookies for the neighborhood cookie exchange? Of course! I’m your girl! I donate cash to group office parties and I buy the obligatory secretary gifts (for my husband). Wait, almost forgot the boss’s annual white elephant gift exchange. What to buy for that? One more trip to the store.

I buy eggnog and research the best recipe for make-ahead Christmas breakfast ideas. And after tucking in sugarplums on Christmas eve I dash off to wrap mountains of gifts and goodies, eat 1/3 of the Santa cookies  (not a morsel more) and then lie down in my kerchief for a long winter’s snore.

Here’s what I’d like to know?

After all this running, wrapping, and preparing, why am I always the last to get the good stuff?

Two years ago my oldest kid got a small speaker box for her iPod. It lives in her room. Last year my husband was surprised by a very nice sound system wrapped with care. And that resides at his office. Where else?

Shhhh! I'll share a secret. This year I’m going to sit on fat old Santa’s lap and just once request: a rockin’ tunes speaker system for my kitchen! That’s right. For me—mom! I'm dying to dance along to my favorite Brandi Carlile song while chopping broccoli. I’d like to have John Schmidt's piano music on soft while paying the bills in my home office. I want an alarm clock that wakes me up to my own chosen 80s playlist.

I want my music, my way!

And I have good news.
My Stocking will NOT be empty this yea

Altec Lansing has agreed to let me test drive the Octiv Duo. I barely had to whine. Apparently, I’m not on the Naughty list!


Share a groove! The Octiv™ Duo’s dual docks let two devices charge and rock together via their FREE Music Mix app.

Finally, I can have the family iTouch playing our Christmas playlist and I can switch over to my Android based cell phone and blast Pandora with my favorite musician de jour!

I'll be in the kitchen making my famous pumpkin roll and dancing a little jig if you need me...

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