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People like me stand in awe of people like Cindy Hopper. How is it that she has so much creativity oozing out of her pores that she needs her own website just to keep track of all of her ideas, and I can only scrapbook if I can use a spreadsheet to keep track of mine? Her site, SkipToMyLou.org, is a virtual treasure trove of ideas to help moms "craft, create, and celebrate." It is rife with with everything from handmade gift ideas to scratch-off Valentines how-to's and printable Mardi Gras masks. I so want to do everything I see on Cindy's site, but I'm inhibited by a compulsion to make a big production out of it. I envision running to the store for supplies with screaming kids in tow, buying way too many supplies, and pushing said kids to use all of said supplies to make "masterpieces."

Cindy is the busy mother of three children, two websites (SkipToMyLou and SweetBakingSupply.com), and an actual, newly-opened baking supply store. She draws frequently upon the knowledge of arts and crafts she gained while getting a Bachelors Degree in Art Education, and her practical experience as a mother to children ages 18, 14, and 6. She says, "I love sharing my ideas so that so that [other moms] can make memories with [their] family and friends." When asked where she gets her inspiration, she says "other people" and "everyday life." Isn't it interesting how she sees craft ideas in ordinary things, and I see To-Do lists and Gantt charts?

Cindy's advice to people like me, to whom perfectionism, lack of ideas, time, or confidence present big obstacles to their creativity: "Change your perspective. Enjoy the experience, not necessarily the product."  It does take a different mindset to be creative, and, although I joke about my rigidity, I can occasionally get into "the zone," particularly when I write or scrapbook. I've felt harmony when words come together in my mind just right to perfectly describe a beautiful song. I've felt peace when design elements fall into place on a page to flawlessly accentuate a photo of my beautiful children. There is in fact much to be enjoyed about any creative endeavor.

And, like Cindy, I find that creativity flows better when engaging with my kids. Something about getting down on their level puts everything into a fun/not fun dichotomy, and by-gosh-darn-it, I do wanna have fun! Suddenly, I'm thinking her Egg Carton Caterpillars look so easy, and her Silly Snakes would make for a really enjoyable winter afternoon activity. And I wouldn't have to go to the store and buy all the supplies for them, since I already have most of them around the house. I don't have to add another item to my already huge to-do list. I can stop hyperventilating (I didn't even realize I was doing that!)!

So in the end, maybe Cindy and I are not that different. I too like to "enjoy the experience." I'll still use my spreadsheets and lists, but I won't forget that they are only a means to the end of making memories with my family.

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