Sending the Right Message: The Color of a Rose


We are approaching a time of love, chocolate, and roses. Though Valentine’s Day rotates around the red rose, everyone should know the meanings behind the color of a rose all year. What if you receive purple roses from your Valentine? What if you need something other than red to give away? What if you have a different message to give besides that of love? Here is a guide to help you easily decipher the message you are giving are receiving.

Assortment of rose colors

The Meaning of a Rose Color

Rose of many colors Red Roses

“I love you.” Sincere love; red roses convey a passionate love as well as courage and respect. They can also mean congratulations or well done.

Deep Pink Roses

“Thank you.” Deep appreciation and gratitude.

Light Pink Roses

“I admire you.” They send sweet thoughts of high regard and sympathy with grace and gentleness.

Yellow Roses

“Friendship” and everything that comes with it: joy, gladness and freedom. They convey the promise of a new beginning. There is often a message of “I care” or “welcome back.” They are great to brighten up someone’s day.

White Roses

“Spiritual Love and Purity.” They send a message of silence, innocence, and charm. Bridal white symbolizes a happy love.

Lavender Roses

“Enchantment/Love at first sight.” It is also a royal color, meaning the receiver is majestic and special.

Orange Roses

“Passionate.” Strong desire, enthusiasm and fascination. These are great at the start of a relationship or a job.


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