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Art supplies can be a hassle.  Crayons, glue sticks, coloring books everywhere.  Here's the solution: a simple, DIY artbox kids help make themselves. Creative play is so important for kids and this will make it easy for them to have a safe place to dig into for their fun messes.

DIY Art Box Supplies

Kate's recently become very into art.  And I don't want to stifle her creative spirit.  But I also don't want art supplies all over the house.  Especially since we're living in temporary quarters while our house is being built, I'm forever trying to keep all Kate's things in one place so we don't lose things.

So, back to the art supplies.  What about a DIY art box?  Something we could put all her art supplies in and keep in the same place.  That way, all Kate's supplies are in one location and it's something we can transport around the house (or take with us on the go).

DIY Art Box - Let kids decorate it as desired.

Supplies for the DIY Art Box

  • A shoebox, upcyled cardboard box, old tackle box, suitcase, etc...something to hold the supplies
  • Your art supplies, such as crayons, water colors, paper, stickers, glue, etc...

How to Make Your DIY Art Box

For our project, I used an empty box from something we ordered from Amazon (We're always ordering from Amazon!).  I used some washi tape to cover up the ugly shipping labels.  You could also paint over the labels or put stickers over them.  Or, if you're feeling really crafty, cover the box with wrapping paper or butcher paper.

DIY Art Box - decorate the outside

I let Kate draw all over the box and adhere foam stickers to the outside.

DIY Art Box - Foam pieces and stencils to decorate

After Kate was done decorating the box, we gathered up her art supplies.  We put in her foam stickers, crayons, art journal, scissors, watercolors, etc..  Now we have a go-to place for all her art supplies.

DIY Art Box - Go to art supply kit for kids

I keep the box in a place where she can get to it, so that when she wants to paint or draw, she can go grab her box and the supplies are all in one place.  It's also helpful when we're out and about.  I can pop the box in my car, so if we're stuck in traffic, Kate can color in her car seat.  Or I can let her pick a few things from the box to take with us if I'm at an appointment and need to keep her occupied.

What would you put in a DIY artbox?  What sort of box would you use?  Maybe an old hat box, toolbox, or suitcase?

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