DIY Halloween Cards – Spider Fingerprint Cards Kids Can Make


Kate loves sending mail.  And receiving mail.  She thinks letters are the best thing ever.  We DIY'ed thank you cards after her birthday party this year, and she loved it so much, I thought, let's do it again with some holiday cards for Halloween.

DIY Cards for Halloween Kids Can Make - Spider Fingerprint Cards

With Halloween around the corner (I know, crazy right?), I thought some cute, DIY Halloween cards would be fun to make and fun for Kate to pass out to her preschool friends.

Supplies DIY Halloween Cards Kids Can Make

Supplies for Your DIY Halloween Cards

  • Construction Paper or Card Stock
  • Envelopes (if you want to send these cards in the mail)
  • Crayons, Colored Pencils, Markers, etc...
  • Black Ink Pad
  • Googly Eyes
  • Embellishments, such as Halloween Stickers, Ribbon, Glitter, etc...

How to Make Your DIY Halloween Cards

  1. Gather your supplies and cover your work surface.
  2. Grab your first card.  If you're using construction paper, decide how you want to fold your card.  You could fold it in half either width wise or length wise, or you could fold it into quarters.  Up to you.
  3. To make the spiders, place your child's thumb in the black ink pad, rolling it gently back and forth to completely cover the thumb.  Firmly press your child's thumb onto the front of the card.  Adhere your googly eyes and drawn legs. DIY Halloween Cards With Fingerprints - Kids have so much fun making these!
  4. Make additional spiders, if you'd like.
  5. Continue decorating the card with your embellishments. DIY Halloween Cards with Fingerprint Spiders
  6. When you're done making your cards, insert them into envelopes and mail them to your friends.  Or hand them out to your friends.

DIY Halloween Cards with fingerprint spiders that kids can make themselves!

Kate had a blast decorating the cards.  She wrote her friends' names on the cards, and I helped out as needed.  She also dictated a message for me to write.

DIY Halloween Cards kids can help make themselves

This would be a fun activity at a school Halloween party.  All the kids could make cards for their parents or classmates.  You could also add glitter to these to make them sparkly.

Fingerprint Spider DIY Halloween Cards for Easy Kids Crafts

Does your child love to send and receive letters?  You could also make miniature versions and hand these out with your Halloween candy!

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