DIY Headbands for Simple Girls Fashion

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After selling a kidney to pay for back-to-school clothes for your kids, you need to take a break. Making these simple and fun headbands is a great way to rest after a full day of shopping, and the bonus is matching headbands to coordinate with back-to-school outfits. Both the headband tutorials I'm sharing with you today are super simple to make.

DIY Headband Tutorial - Custom Headwear you can make!

Two DIY Headbands for Girl's Fashion

You can use whatever colors you like - school colors to match with school uniforms, your daughter's favorite colors, or the colors of the ribbon you have on-hand.

Ballet Headband DIY

We'll start by making the ballet headband. The way the ribbons are laced on this headband look just like a ballet slipper, don't you think? The trick to getting such a perfect looking headband is the headband itself. It has a fringed edge, perfect for lacing the ribbon.

supplies for simple ballet headband

Supplies for a Ballet Girls Headband

  • Headband with an open weave
  • 1/8" ribbon in your chosen color

Start by tucking the end of the ribbon into a hole at the bottom. Tuck up, to hold in place.

Tucking the end of the ribbon into the headband

Start wrapping at an angle, all the way around the top of the headband.

Wrap the ribbon at an angle

When you get to the end, wrap and continue back across.

Cross the ribbon over on the other diagonal

When you get back to the beginning, cut the excess ribbon, then tuck it into the back of the headband. and use a little hot glue to secure.

Tuck end of ribbon and glue

Wait until the glue has cooled, then your ribbon wrapped headband is complete!

Ballet headband - Learn how to make your own!

How to Make a Bow Headband

You can make a variety of headbands to match your different outfits.

Supplies Needed:

  • Ribbon (3/4" wide or larger for loops, 1/4" or larger for center)
  • Hot glue

Supplies for making a bow headband

To Assemble Your Bow Headband:

Start by making the bow. Fold the wider ribbon into 4 loops as shown.

Fold ribbon into loops to prepare your bow

Cut a 10" piece of the other ribbon, then tie in the center.

Tie the ribbon in the middle

You can play around with the placement of the bow, but nothing is set is stone at this point.

Add a dab of glue where you want the bow, then press the bow down.

Glue the bow down on the homemade headband

Wrap the ends of the center ribbon around the headband, one on each side. Glue down.

Wrap the ends of the ribbon down

Use glue in the center of the bow to adjust the bow, and secure the pieces in place.

Place dabs of glue under your loops to secure

Fold the ends in half, then cut at an angle to make the pretty ends.

Cut ribbon ends at an angle

That's it! Your ribbon bow headband is complete!

DIY Bow headband

What colors will you use for your headbands?

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