Kids Activity: Making Cufflinks, Making Memories

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Coolest cufflinks ever One of the best things about making cufflinks is that it is a fun activity for kids that easily whiles away a lazy afternoon. This kids activity is memorable because you and the kids will proudly see the cufflinks being worn by whoever you present them. Or, even better, the cufflinks could be the very first ones that your children are going to wear themselves. This simple item can be kept and treasured for a lifetime.

Before we get started, an important thing to keep in mind is that this project requires using glue and some sharp instruments. So, depending on the ages of your children, this activity may require close attention at all times and that you take responsibility for the most complicated and potentially dangerous elements of preparation yourself (if appropriate).


Supplies Needed

      • Decoupage
      • Mod Podge Dimensional Magic
      • 1 Pair of Plain Bezel Cuff links
      • Some Styrofoam or an old shoe box
      • 1 Paint Brush
      • 1 Straight Pin
      • Scissors
      • 2 Photos Cut to Size for each Bezel Cuff links                                      


Step 1: First you will cut each photo to fit inside the bezel of the cufflinks The photo is important here as it is visible outer decoration of the cuff link.Think about who it is you are presenting these cufflinks to and find an image that you know they will really like. Be fun and imaginative on this!

Step 2: Next you need to brush the decoupage onto the bezel of the cufflinks, and then simply place the photo into the bezel, face side up. Now brush the decoupage over the photo, making sure that you get all of the edges.

Step 3: Okay, it would be great to have an old box or some Styrofoam at hand now in order to hold the cufflinks steady.Make a couple of puncture holes in box or Styrofoam with the scissors to create a solid base which will act as a convenient little workstation.

Step 4: Place your cuff links into the box or Styrofoam and leave them there to dry, and ensure that there is no white residue showing. Give them a little clean if there is.

Step 5: Once it's nice and dry it is time to start using the Dimensional Magic. Fill the bezel with the Dimensional Magic until it completely covers the photo. Be careful to avoid air bubbles! Fill the entire bezel until you get as close as possible to an overflow, and then allow it to dry. Helpful Hint: If any pesky air bubbles have popped up just pierce them with the straight pin.

Voila, that's all there is to it. 5 simple steps and you're done.

Personalizing is Important

A key part of this exercise is choosing the image, as this is more about personalizing something classical rather than an attempt at making cufflinks of your own from scratch.

I like this method as it all about matching the classic, silver cufflinks, with something personal and fun like the photo. This method allows you add a bit of personality to a piece of dress wear which may seem a little dated and old fashioned. The photo you choose can say something about the character of the person and their likes, such as a super hero logo, or it can be tailored to refer specifically to the special day on which it is being worn, i.e, the wedding day.

Whatever the occasion, whether it be a wedding, an anniversary, Father's day, or a birthday, you get the opportunity to spend some simple downtime with your kids while at the same time preparing something that is truly going to be appreciated by the lucky recipient. Have fun!

What is your favorite family craft activity?

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