DIY Striped Trick or Treat Bags

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It's almost time for Halloween!  Which means it's time for candy!  Which means your kids need something to carry all that loot!  Forget about those plastic pumpkin pails.  Make your own Trick or Treat bag with your child and get them involved in the pre-Halloween preparations.

Make your own DIY striped trick or treat bag Kate loves to paint and we've been having fun with Halloween crafts already.  So I decided we'd definitely incorporate paint into this project.  I love the look of a painted canvas bag, and when I saw these orange canvas bags in the dollar spot at Target, I knew we had to use them in this project.  I decided we'd make a striped bag because I knew Kate could easily paint stripes on the bag to make it festive and fun.

DIY trick or treat bag supplies

Supplies for Your DIY Striped Trick or Treat Bag

  • Plain bag.  I picked up an orange bag, but you could also get a plain white or canvas-colored bag.  Or black bag.
  • Fabric paint.  I picked white since our bag is orange.  If your bag is white, maybe orange and black paint.
  • Paint brush (We used a brush with a sponge tip.  Those tend to be the easiest for Kate to hold.)
  • Painter's tape

How to make a striped trick or treat bag


How To Make Your DIY Trick of Treat Bag

  1. Lay your bag on a flat surface, making sure to protect your surface with newspaper or butcher paper.
  2. Tear off a piece of painter's tape longer than your bag is wide.  Adhere the painter's tape to your bag, making sure it's even the whole way across.
  3. Tear off another piece of painter's tape and place it about an inch below your first tape strip.  You can measure if you'd prefer.  I just eye-balled it.
  4. Continue placing tape strips about an inch apart down the bag.
  5. Squirt your fabric paint onto a paper plate.  Using a paint brush, in between the painter's tape.  I let Kate do this part.  I knew our stripes wouldn't come out super crisp since I was letting her wield the brush.  But I knew she'd love the process and the product, so this didn't bother me. Paint a striped DIY trick or treat bag with your child
  6. Continue painting in between your painter's tape all the way down the bag.
  7. Wait until the bag is completely dry before handling.

This Halloween, make a striped trick or treat bag

How cute is this bag?  You could also embellish it by sprinkling glitter on top of the still wet paint.  Or, if you had a pumpkin stencil, you could paint pumpkins onto the bag.  This would be so fun as an activity at a school party or even at your own Halloween Party!

How would you and your child embellish your Trick or Treat bag?

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