Craft Project: How to Make a Snow Globe


There are so many fun craft projects that you can make during the winter — from food crafts to home decor, the possibilities are endless. Speaking of home decor, I've always collected snow globes and my kids love them. During the cold winter, I thought of making some of my own winter scenes. A couple Mason glass jars, old Christmas ornaments, glitter, baby oil, and voila, now you know how to make a snow globe

My kids are too young to make even this simple craft on their own, so I involve them in the easy tasks, such as letting them carefully glue the rocks. It's also fun for kids to make their own clay shapes. What's wonderful about making snow globes is that it is great multi-day holiday project that will keep your play table busy!

home made snow globe-how to make a snow globe

How to Make a Snow Globe: Materials You'll Need

The first thing you'll need to know when learning how to make a snow globe is what materials you'll need. To get started, you need a few basic materials such as these:

  • Empty glass jar
  • Baby oil
  • Silver glitter

Then, considering purchasing these types of materials to create a winter scene:

  • Polymer clay (like FIMO)
  • A few glass pebbles
  • Super glue
  • Cookie cutter (small tree shape)

The type and amount of materials really is up to you. Get as create as you'd like, involve your kids and have them help you choose the materials, or keep it simple. Additional materials to consider include these:

  • Miniature Christmas ornaments (snowmen, trees, Santa, deer, etc.)

snow globe materials

Step-by-Step Instructions for How to Make a Snow Globe

These instructions for how to make a snow globe are based on incorporating a clay figure in the snow globe. Again, what you include is up to you. So, if you don't prefer incorporating a clay figure, come up with something different and replace the references to the clay figures with your new creation below.

1. Place a few glass pebbles inside the lid of the glass jar and use super glue to secure them in place.

2. Use polymer clay to make the figures you wish to put in your snow globe. Use a small cookie cutter to make the shape of a small tree. If you don’t feel comfortable with your "sculpting" skills, then go through your Christmas ornaments. You will certainly find miniature snowmen, Santa, trees, etc. Use these instead.

If you use polymer clay, follow the instructions for baking. Once your figures are ready, glue them on the pebbles you have already put in the lid of your jar. Make sure the figures you make are small enough to fit in the jar when it is sealed.

snow globe clay snowman

snow globe with snowman-how to make a snow globe

3. Fill the jar with baby oil (leave about 1/4 inch empty). Drop about half a teaspoon of glitter into the baby oil.

4. Once the glue is dry place the lid and seal the jar securely. Then Let the jar stand on its lid and watch the snow fall!

Note: If your jar leaks, use silicone to seal it. Once it is dry, wrap a ribbon around the lid to hide the silicone.

This is a great craft to make with kids over a couple cold winter days. Make different sizes and use as a festive display for a winter wonderland party! We used it as part of our Christmas decor and our kids have their own as decorations in their rooms.

December joy brings January blahs. What craft projects are you planning during the cold weeks in January?

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