Easy Exercises: Squeeze Exercise In Under the Desk

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Another fabulous way to squeeze exercise into unexpected places and busy days. As Brigette Polmar says "you can do these all day long, and no one will ever know!" Here's how:

With your back against your chair keep your abs squeezed in tight, slowly raise one leg and then the other leg (both legs raised).  Keep legs straight while pulsing legs together quickly. This move originates from the inner thigh (see video). Continue for 30 seconds.

Keep both legs raised. Rotate one leg in small circles clockwise for 30 seconds, then reverse and rotate the same leg counterclockwise (see video). Initially, you may only be able to raise the rotating leg, while allowing the other leg to rest on the floor. Work up to keeping both legs raised while performing your leg circles. Remember to keep your abs engaged throughout these exercises.

Read more at: http://www.squeezeitin.com/#ixzz1K5KB7vqA
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