Easy Spring Artwork Canvas Frames

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Spring is almost upon us and it's time to decorate our nests! Today I'm showing you an easy tutorial on how to make fun artwork for your mantels, walls, or rooms to bring that Spring feeling into your home!

Easy Spring Artwork using Pantone color of the year

How fun are these curvy frames on painted canvas? They are so easy to create and you can customize them for your home!

Spring Artwork Canvas Frames


  • Canvas frames (available at craft stores), mine came as a pack of 2
  • Wooden frames (these curvy frames are $1 at Michaels right now)
  • paint (I used Pantone Radiant Orchid--the color of the year!)
  • sponge brushes for painting
  • a stencil or shaped tape (I used chevron tape by Frog Tape)
  • command brand wall strips (to make frames removable)

paint chevrons stencil artwork


The steps for this project are pretty easy-peasy!

  • Paint the canvases using either a stencil or the shaped tape. Pounce the foam brush instead of painting back and forth. This prevents paint from bleeding under the tape or stencil. Stencils are a bit trickier, so if you've never used them before I would suggest starting with the shaped tape. I eyeballed where the tape should go, but if you like things precise, by all means use a ruler!
  • Once you have covered the canvas (or your stencil area is complete), remove the tape or stencil. Try to do this at an angle and make sure once it is off it doesn't touch again. It is important to do this step while the paint is still wet. If it is dry, it could peel off with the tape or stencil. If your stencil didn't cover the entire canvas (like mine), wait until it is totally dry before doing the second half.
  • While your canvases are drying, paint the frames. I used curvy frames but any light weight frame would work. Mine were raw wood and required 2 coats of paint. I used white and aqua paint that I had on hand.
  • Once the canvases and frames are dry, it's time to put them together. First, place your artwork or photo into the frame. I made these pretty spring printables that are free for download on my blog. When I placed the frames onto the canvas, I did bring out the ruler and make sure I had them centered! You could connect them with hot glue or another adhesive. I wanted to be able to change the photo spot out throughout the year, so I attached mine with Command picture hanging strips. One frame takes one package. I connected the strips together, and cut them in half (so I had 4 squares total). I placed them on each side of the frame. I peeled off the paper and placed it evenly on the canvas. I then flipped the canvas and pressed on the strips to make sure they were on both the frame and canvas.
  • Flip back over and enjoy!

Spring Has Sprung Artwork Printable

 How do you like to decorate your home for spring?


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