Fathers Day Recipe: Egg in a Nest


Growing up, my mom did most of the cooking. But every once in awhile my dad would try and make breakfast for us six kids. I don't remember a lot of the meals he made, but one definitely comes to mind—an "Egg in a Nest". It wasn't anything fancy, but something that only he made for his kids. In honor of my dad this Fathers Day, I am sharing this yummy recipe with you. It is so easy that even your kids could make this without a lot of help.


Egg in a Nest Recipe


  • Egg
  • Bread (it can be white or wheat)
  • Butter
  • Cooking spray
  • Salt and pepper


1. Spray your pan with cooking spray so your egg won't stick.

2. Cut a small whole in the center of your toast. I like to use a small glass so the circle is perfectly round, but you can also try to make a fun shape.


3. Butter the bread on the front and the back.


4. Put the bread in the pan and crack an egg in the center.
5. Season with salt and pepper.


6. Cook egg on medium heat until the bottom of bread is lightly toasted.

7. You can cook your egg anyway you like—I like my eggs hard. So after a minute or so, I poke my egg so that the egg can cook all the way through. My boys like their eggs slightly runny so I don't poke the egg until I flip it to the other side.

8. Flip over your egg in a nest and cook the other side.
9. Cook this side until lightly toasted.

Ta-Dah! You have an Egg in a Nest. It is really just that easy.

What recipe reminds you of your father? Have you shared this with your own kids or do you have your own family favorite recipe?

Jill Greenlaw has a banking background. She gave that up 17 years ago when she got married and started having kids. She loved being a stay-at-home mom while raising her four beautiful children. A few years ago, Jill went back to work in sales. She is now working for the Mom It Forward team as their Community Manager. She loves her job. Her interests include camping, motorcycling, boating, photography, reading, cooking, and traveling. Put her in flip flops anywhere warm and she is happy.

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