Getting to the Pointe: Taking Adult Ballet Lessons

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From the age of 5, I've been at home on the stage, particularly the ballet stage. There was something about the flowing arms, the head held high, the triple turns, and the glittery costumes!  But by my senior year in high school, it became apparent that, with my natural shape, the chances of my gracing the stage of Balanchine's New York City Ballet were slim to none. So I packed up my pointe shoes and took up opera music for the next four years.

Dancers getting ready Fast forward to 2008. I now had three of my own ballerina princesses who had been dancing since they were potty-trained, at the fabulous Studio K Dance Workshop in Boone, NC. Each time I saw my girls shining on stage, a rush of pride swelled up inside. And so did the pangs of longing.

"How great would it be if I got back up on the stage, dancing the ballet with my daughters?" I thought. So I did it! I decided to get my feet wet in an adult tap class. It was fun and laid back. Perfect! Soon after, I joined the adult ballet and adult hip hop workout classes as well.

The next year, I officially joined the advanced adult ballet class, where I've been dancing now for about a year and a half, and I am not the only "mature" member of the class. While most of the other dancers range from 15-25 years old, Shellie Karaus is in her 50's and masterfully dances the Nutcracker Flower Fairy. The studio owner herself, Cay Harkins, is in her 50s,  and dances the Snow Queen every year!

Along the journey, each new challenge came with butterflies, excitement, and sometimes tears.  Strapping on the pointe shoes after 16 years, I experienced many different emotions, from pride to fear. I worried I would fail. There were many times I thought I was crazy to even think I could do this after so long. My mind knew what to do, but my body was a little behind. I survived my first Nutcracker performance, and it all became real to me.  I was back to my first love.

SNow Beauty and the Beast Ballet It's been a lot of work, but the rewards are incredible.

  • I'm in better shape than I've been in many years.
  • I'm more confident in other areas of my life because I overcame this challenge.
  • I'm sharing something special with my daughters.
  • I'm proving you're never too old to do what you LOVE!

Is there something you use to love, and would like to start doing again? Go for it, then share your experience with us!

Sarah Pinnix is a North Carolina mom of 3 girls. is home to her blog, where she shares about family, faith, parenting, homemaking, and more. Sarah is passionate about encouraging other moms to accept their imperfections while at the same time  striving for excellence in life. She also hosts a weekly live web show, called the "Mom Blog Buzz," all about the social media mom, and the world of blogging.

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