Gift Giving: Creative and Personalized Onesies

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CraftGift giving can become daunting at times. Sometimes you need something quick, but you want to make it special. I found myself in this situation recently and found by making a gift more personal, really takes the pressure off the expense. You can't ever go wrong with an original or personalized gift.

I have a dear friend who has tried having a baby for over 8 years. We were ecstatic when she found out she was pregnant the first time. A little more cautious, although still ecstatic after the 2nd and 3rd since she was unable to stay pregnant and miscarried each time. Her last attempt was twins. My heart broke for her and her husband after so much loss. She didn't give up. After everything she'd been through and considering her age (42), they decided to use a surrogate egg. She figured it was their best way to conceive and carry a child full term. They carefully chose a donor that matched the same characteristics as she. They decided to implant 2 eggs, hoping one would take. You can image her shock when she was told that not only did both eggs take, but one split. Yes, she is having triplets! All boys!

Although shocked, they couldn't be happier. She is around 17 weeks along. They are already making adjustments so one of them will stay home with the babies. They also have her husbands mother moving in to help.

I decided to use my Silhouette to create some heat transfer onesies for her. Something cute for the babies.

computer and die cutting machine

I love how easy this craft is. If I can do it, anyone can. Any die cutting machine will work, or you could even hand cut your design. You most definitely don't need one of these machines, but I'm sure you'd find many uses for it.

I chose three .99 cent designs from the Silhouette online store, some bright teal transfer paper, and was done in about 30 min.

Make your gifts personal onesies finished

I think she'll love them and I know the babies will look so cute in them.

You'll need:

  • Silhouette or any die cutting machine (although, you could hand cut and get the same results)
  • Heat transfer material
  • Iron

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