3 Tips to Prepare for a Successful Google Plus Hangout on Air

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Google Plus Hangouts on Air are the perfect way to pioneer a relatively new space and to get your brand out in front of a whole new audience. The idea of producing and hosting a live broadcast to an unlimited national and international audience may be intimidating, but it's far easier to do than you may think.

Google Plus Hangout on Air-Social Media Series

Up to this point in our Google+ series, we've shared tips to maximize your Google Plus Hangout on Air experience, creative ways to benefit from hosting a Google Plus Hangout on Air, and an infographic that shares a step-by-step process of the technical requirements to facilitating a Google Plus Hangout on Air.

3 Tips to Prepare for a Successful Google Plus Hangout on Air

In this, post four of our seven-part post series, we provide you with 3 steps—the production elements—to follow to ensure your Google+ Hangout on Air is a seamless experience for all involved, especially your viewers.

1. Choose a Google Plus Hangout on Air topic, a knowledgeable host, guests, and engaging questions.

Having an outstanding host, an interesting topic, engaging guests, and questions that draw in your audience will impact your Google Plus Hangout on Air more than any other element. Consider the following when preparing for your live event:

  • Your host should be knowledgeable about your brand, comfortable on camera, and at ease in a live setting.
  • Your guests should bring varied perspectives, subject-matter expertise, and/or great energy to the space.
  • The questions you prepare should be leading, allowing guests to comfortably and easily elaborate in a way that allows your time to flow.

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2. Prepare a Google Plus Hangout on Air Run of Show.

A Run of Show, critical to the broadcast's success, is essentially a minute-by-minute itinerary or outline for your Google Plus Hangout on Air. This document will provide you all the information you and your guests need before and during your event, including:

  • Details and verbiage for your intro and outro
  • Guests bios
  • Any special events or products that need to be mentioned
  • An outline to the questions you'll be asking, associated with their times
  • (Optional) Social media comments, promotional items, or other key statements to call out outside of Google+ during your event

Having a Run of Show will ensure you and your guests stay on track and are able to cover your Google Plus Hangout on Air's most important information with ease.

Tool! Download this free printable Run of Show template we use for our Google Plus Hangout on Air events.

3. Prepare your guests.

Before your Google Plus Hangout on Air, ensure your guests understand the technical details. If they have never directly participated in a Google Plus Hangout on Air as a guest, schedule a private tech dry run with them using the private Google Hangout feature. During this meeting, which ideally will take place at least a week before your scheduled Google Plus Hangout on Air, ensure they:

  • Are familiar with the flow for your upcoming event. Consider walking through the Run of Show together to answer any questions they may have and to make any changes to the questions or other information.
  • Have properly installed the Google Plus Hangout on Air extension.
  • Are able to get on without any technical difficulties. Use the time during that or at a subsequent private Google Hangout before your Google Plus Hangout on Air to troubleshoot any technical difficulties your guests may experience during the dry run(s).
  • Know how to get set up. A private Google Hangout is a great time to check lighting, camera, sound, and ensure your guests are hardwired and aren't blocked by any system issues.

Remember! Google Plus Hangouts on Air require a different application than the traditional private Google Hangouts, so ensure you walk your guests through the steps that will be required when they join you for your upcoming live broadcast.

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