Got Pre-Schoolers? Need to get work done during the day? On a Budget?

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Are you a WAHM, Work at Home Mom, Mompreneur, Mom Entrepreneur on a Budget but need time during the day to work on your business?

I am a mom who is at home full-time. I have 3 children, one of which is a very active 2 year old who is a wonderful high-energy little guy always looking for entertainment and fun. If there isn't any being provided he is sure to create some! My girlfriend has a little girl that is only 3 weeks older than my Jonathan and he and little Emma are the best of friends.

On several occasions during a playdate, my girlfriend Corinne and I have talked about maybe we should do some kind of babysitting trade. Well, that is just what we did. We have been trading babysitting for over a year now. How does our arrangement work? Pretty simple actually. I take my Jonathan to her house on Tuesdays from 9:30am and leave him there from 10am-4pm and she brings her Emma to my house on Thursdays for the same time frame. We visit and allow for transition for about 30 minutes before departing.

I will tell you has been FANTASTIC! On my day watching our munchkins, I am all on with toddlerland and chaos and fun for one day [as you can see in the photo above with "painting time" this summer]. Then on my day off, I am able to get amazing things accomplished in the 6 hours I am toddler-free. We feel like total SuperMoms flying around the house getting a million things done from doing laundry, doing dishes, washing floors, doing work, making and returning client phone calls [not hidden in the closet hoping the client doesn't hear your kids].

Guess what the total bonus is? Cost of this arrangement = zero dollars. It's an even trade because we are moms on a budget. Value of this arrangement = PRICELESS!

Is there a mom in business in your neighborhood that you could set up a toddler swapping trade with? Think of six hours of having a wonderful lunch and kicking out a dozen things off your massive To Do List...

MELISSA LIERMAN is a Wonder Woman of 39 Years, Wife of John 14 Years [middle school teacher], and Mother of 3 wonderful kids - MacKenzie Peter Age 11 [techno computer, blackberry loving, sensitive, guitar playing son], Maria Stella Age 9 [artistic and creative getting her soul filled each day at her first year at a performing arts school] , and Jonathan Roger Age 3 [lives to make you laugh and is the life of the party no matter wherever he goes!]. Melissa loves to help Moms to Maximize their Time with Systems, Tools, and Organization! Put yourself in a TimeOutMom and listen to her weekly Blog Talk Radio Show at Check out her blog for her latest tips, tricks, and systems to help with your family management.

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