Grocery Shopping: 7 Practical Ways to Spend Less Money

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Reuseable grocery bags Countless families are cutting back on expenses on an all-time new level, paddling through new money-saving waters. As you approach grocery shopping, protect every dollar! Don’t let the grocery system out-smart you by robbing you of the savings you deserve. Not paying attention to prices is exactly what the grocery store wants you to do and you are their very favorite customer!

Adopt the mentality that you can give yourself a raise. I don’t know how many times I have heard someone say, “I need to find a way to earn a few hundred extra dollars a month.” You don’t have to look very far. There are money saving tips at your fingertips that can free up that kind of money; giving you the raise you are looking for.

Money-Saving Grocery Shopping Tips

  1. Eat dinner at home. Start by taking just one month and go on an ‘Eating Out Fast’. Track your savings and be amazed. Re-invest the $200 back into your own pocket.
  2. Don’t eat out at work. If you are cooking dinners at home, chances are you will have ample leftovers for a great free lunch.
  3. Attempt coupons. But don’t let it overwhelm you to the point of throwing out the baby with the bath water. Many people think you have to eat the ‘whole enchilada’ and clip coupons, shop several stores, etc. The thought is so overwhelming and taxing to an already stressed person, the “what’s the use” feeling takes over. Try starting out small, use a few coupons and venture into another whole level of savings one little bit at a time.
  4. Switch to store brand products. Pick the 2 or 3 national brands you can’t live without, then search for coupons for those items. Use store brands in recipes and dishes that will go unnoticed by your family, ie. pasta, sauces, etc.
  5. Take on the challenge: “The drive thru $10-dollar dinner grocery store challenge!” We’ve all been there: I have nothing go fix for dinner and it’s 5 O’clock. If you make a last minute run to the grocery store, pick up the flyer at the door to get your dinner idea. Try to keep the ingredients under $10 total.
  6. Make a dinner plan each week. Start with planning at least 5 dinners with a complete, detailed grocery list. Begin with your sale flyer and base your dinner ideas and sides off the sales. A detailed list, then sticking to the list, along with once-a-week shopping can be a magical cure to overspending.
  7. Remember the “shaving principle” – it works! Shave a little here, shave a little there. Before you know it, it really adds up. If you are over-spending an average of .50 cents per item, you could easily free up $60 to $100 per month! So shave, shave, shave, every way you can – through coupons, buying store brands, and finding the lowest possible price.

Remember, one the best ways to free up money in your household budget is in the grocery budget category. Most other expenses you cannot shrink and are fixed amounts, such as a mortgages or car payments. Enter the “grocery store saving and shaving game” and watch that portion boomerang back in to your own wallet. The saving game is for everyone, so enter in, take control, and reclaim every hard-earned dollar back to the well being of your own family.

How do you approach your grocery shopping? What ways help you to cut your budget and spend less at the grocery store every week?

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