Shopping: How Parents Can Use Mobile Apps in the Grocery Store

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There are tons of mobile apps to help parents with just about everything during their day. That goes for grocery shopping, too. Recent studies from Harris interactive show that parents are more active on mobile phones than non-parents across all aspects of digital shopping. Parents are also twice as likely to download an app from their favorite stores or use their phone’s GPS to find a nearby location.

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5 Ways to Use Mobile Phones While Shopping

MyWebGrocer, the leading provider of digital grocery solutions, has five tips to offer parents using mobile phones while shopping:

1. Save time

Mobile apps can help you reduce time spent in-store, so you can spend more time at home with your family. You can save time with recipe builders, online shopping lists and digital circulars, and easy to use store maps.

2. Online Circulars

Online circulars let you browse with ease and allow you to add the sale item you are interested in directly to your shopping list. A simple touch of your finger is definitely a step up from clumsy print circulars.

3. Recipe Builders

Use online recipe builder to deliver dinner ideas directly to your phone. Quickly answer the question “What are we having for dinner, Mom?” with endless recipes by ingredient, category, name, or dietary restrictions.

4. Store Maps

Wandering around the grocery store looking for a specific item can waste a lot of time. To make life easier, some stores offer mobile maps the guide you through their store efficiently and help you locate your items without the headache.

5. Online Shopping Lists

You can use online shopping lists to search through all items available at your local grocery store and add selected items to your list. You can also add items from online circulars and recipes. Correspond coupons with your shopping list and redeem coupons through your mobile phone. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Do you use your mobile phone while grocery shopping?

MyWebGrocer provides over 10,000 grocery stores nationally with great solutions for busy parents who want to maximize their family time rather than at the grocery store fighting with untidy circulars.

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