Halloween Craft: Baby Girl Halloween Costume for Less than $10


It’s never too early to start getting ready for Halloween. With October around the corner, your older kiddos are going to start requesting elaborate Halloween costumes for their trick-or-treating adventures. Keep it simple for the little girls with this simple, inexpensive, last-minute ballerina costume.

Note: This costume can be converted into a witch, fairy, or princess costume by changing the tulle and onesie color.

Newborn Ballerina Costume

How to Make a Newborn Ballerina Halloween Costume

Onesie, sparkly tulle, ribbon, and scissors


  • Onesie
  • Elastic (I used ½ inch elastic, 15” long)
  • 1 yard sparkly tulle (I used two different of colors tulle, ½ yard each)
  • 2 inch ribbon
  • Sewing machine

Skirt Directions:

1. You will need a half yard of tulle for both the longer and shorter layers of the skirt. For the longer layer, fold the tulle in half length-wise. Set aside.

2. For the shorter layer, fold the tulle over at 6 ½” length-wise. Cut along the length of your half yard piece tulle, with 6 ½" on both sides of the fold. (Make sure you have enough tulle left over for the sleeves.)

Pin sparkly tulle together at folds

3. Pin your two pieces of tulle together at the folds.

Baste tulle together at the fold

4. Baste the tulle together along the folds.

Gather tulle to 20 inches

5. Gather the tulle until it is about 20 inches long.

6. Cut a piece of ribbon 20 inches long.

Sew ribbon to gathered edge of tulle

7. Fold your ribbon in half, then pin and sew it to the gathered side of the tulle. Make sure the shiny side of your ribbon is on the outside and that you sew it on top of the shorter piece of tulle.

Sew back seam of tulle

8. Sew the back seam of the skirt closed. Make sure not to sew the ribbon openings closed.

9. String your elastic through the pocket created with your ribbon.

Sew the edges of the elastic closed

10. Sew the ends of your elastic together. Done!

Sleeve Directions:

Sleeve pattern

1. Cut out your sleeves from the tulle left over from your shorter skirt layer. (Above is my super intricate sleeve pattern.)

2. Baste and gather along the curved side of the sleeve.

Pin tulle sleeve to the onesie

3. Pin the gathered edge of the sleeve into the seam of the onesie sleeve. This part is a little tricky. Essentially, you're extending the sleeve/body seam of the onesie and catching the edge of the tulle with the new seam. Just stuff the tulle in there as close as you can, pin it, and hope for the best.

Tulle sleeves sewn on onesie

4. Sew the tulle sleeve in place. This technique creates a sleeve that looks like it was originally sewn into the onesie. Done!

Finished baby girl ballerina Halloween costume

Throw on a matching headband and you’re all set for trick-or-treating with the whole family.

How do you save money on Halloween costumes for your kids?

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