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As a busy mom of two tweens, I am constantly looking for healthy snacks that my boys love to eat. And let's be honest. I don't mind a little nibble every once and a while either. So, when DOLE approached me about trying their low calorie fruit treats... healthy chocolate snacks to be specific, I was intrigued. But not overjoyed.

Healthy Chocolate Snacks-DOLE-Banana Dippers

DOLE Banana Dippers: Healthy Chocolate Snacks With Fruit

Why wouldn't I be overjoyed to down these healthy chocolate snacks immediately, you ask? Well, I'm not a huge chocolate lover. And the sound of chocolate and healthy together reminded me of some horrible low fat cheese I tried once. The combination just didn't work.

Then, I learned that it was dark chocolate, which is healthier than milk chocolate. And apparently and surprisingly, I LOVE dark chocolate. Couple that said dark chocolate with a frozen banana slice and chopped almonds and voila! Match made in heaven. Low calorie + healthy + chocolate = delicious! Who knew? I downed three of them in no time and ate one so quickly I almost got a brain freeze.

Healthy Chocolate Snacks

And not only did I end up overjoyed at the healthy chocolate snacks, but my hubby and those two tween boys who keep me so busy loved them as well. Score!

If you want to try these fabulous fruit goodies for your family, my top tip is to eat them right out of the freezer. I have tried them that way as well as when they've sat out for a bit. I much prefer the frozen banana variety to the less frozen option.

What are your favorite low calorie healthy chocolate snacks?

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