Homemade Succulent Container

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Succulents - these pretty plants are not only easy to grow, some of them, aloe for instance, also have medicinal purposes. Here's an easy and fun to make homemade succulent container made from bark and up-cycled tin cans!

Homemade Succulent Container

Make Your Own Homemade Succulent Container

Succulents are plants I have long admired - but, except for aloe, have never really grown. Honestly, living in a barn has put a damper on the houseplants I have, and I am really looking forward to all of the windows our new house will have when it's finally finished. I'm going to have a lot of plants - including succulents. There's just something so fun about the fat leafed succulent family. I'm really looking forward to displaying these homemade containers in my new home! Like all of the projects I share, these containers are really easy to make and your kids will probably beg to help!

Supplies for Succulent Containers

  • Various sizes tin cans
  • Bark
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Succulents
  • Soil for succulents
  • Scissors
  • Awl
Homemade Succulent Container

Putting Together Your Succulent Container

1. Making this homemade succulent container is pretty self explanatory. Simply save tin cans from your kitchen and clean them. I used cans of various sizes - a 32 ounce tomato can, a 16 ounce soup can, and a 3 ounce cat food can. If the cans have rough edges from your can opener, you may want to cover the edge with duck tape to protect yourself from nasty slices. Use an awl to poke several small drainage holes in the bottom of the cans.

2. Gather bark from the great outdoors (let it dry if it's wet). You can trust me that wet bark doesn't glue to the cans very well.

Homemade Succulent Container

3. Glue the bark to the tin cans using the hot glue gun and a lot of glue. I had to glue the bark several times. Some of the bark I really liked was super thick so I peeled layers off the back to make it stick better. I also added glue once the bark was semi-glued to the can. The variations is bark thickness made it tricky to glue, but it did work in the end.

4. After the bark was glued to the can, I evened it out with scissors across the top of the can. I liked some of the variation in height - but some of it was too extreme. So using sharp scissors, I just cut the bark down to a height I liked.

Homemade Succulent Container

5. Plant the succulents! Set them in a well lit area and enjoy.

Do you like succulents? Which type is your favorite?

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