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It's time to Get ACTIVE with Jumpstart.

Jumpstart has a new Wii Game specifically designed to get your kids up and moving! With the Jumpstart "learn while playing" approach to educational games; the Get Active 'game' will get kids exercising while they play all the games!

According to Brooke Burke (HELLO! Co-Host of Dancing With The Stars Fame...) a mother of 4 herself, "teachings kids about fitness doesn't have to be a chore".  Brooke acts as the teacher/trainer during the Wii games.

There are 15 different sports all taking place in exotic places sure to interest your kids. They can start Underwater or play baseball in Egypt or serve volleyballs on a Fun Farm!

Examples games to get your kids moving

  • Volleyball: 3 alternatives and skills to learn
  • Racing: 4 different ways to play
  • Football: 3 different options
  • Dodgeball and Pinball both for teaching Balance (And this mom NEEDS that!)

I love the idea of kids having plenty of 'active' options during the summer. We try to play outside as much as we can in the mornings and late afternoons, but mid-day during the heat? Mom NEEDS siesta (quiet) time. My kids are way too old for naps and they know they can read or create art projects, even play 'educational' computer games (like Jumpstart.com) but I hate them watching TV in the summer time! Now we can add play the new Wii game: Get Moving to our siesta time make-mom-happy list!

Kid Quotes while playing Get Moving

  1. "Oh mom! There's a super cool game and it's a race.. and it has a bird thing.. and it FLIES!!"
  2. "I'm at the TOP!" (of the High Scores list) after playing the Batting game, meaning the youngest was better than one of his sisters.
  3. MOM- "Why did you like the 3 point Basketball?" 9yrold Girl- "Because I Won!" — "But also because it was just fun!"
  4. "The farm scene is the funniest one."

Cost of Jumpstart Get Moving: $29.99 (Can be purchased at BestBuy, Target and Walmart)
Ages: Rated E for Everyone

One complaint my kiddos had is that we don't have a Balance board ($69) and it would make playing some of the sports easier (and I quote): 'more fun MOM'! Sounds like it's finally time to get moving and buy a Balance board huh?

Carissa received a copy of Get Moving to test and review with her children.
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