10 Keys to Falling and Staying “Mashly in Love” Like Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head


With summer weddings and anniversaries upon us, there is no time like the present for a little marital or relationship advice. And who better to learn from than a couple that has been together and is still holding hands with big smiles on their faces after 60 years.

Yep! Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head are celebrating the big 6-0 this year. And over the years, they've taught us a thing or two about not only making it through relationships' ups and downs, but enjoying the ride.


10 Keys to Marital Bliss Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Style

You don't have to have removable parts like Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head to be able to follow these simple steps to strengthening your marriage:

  1. Lend a hand. Selflessly serving your partner with no strings attached helps you fall madly and unconditionally in love with him or her.
  2. Open your eyes. Recognize all the wonderful things about your partner. Write them down, shout them out, and show gratitude for all the ways your partner is your biggest super hero.
  3. See things from the other person's perspective. Remember that the lens through which you view the world is not the only lens and furthermore, it may not be the most accurate or the best view. Open yourself up to new interpretations, other view points, and paradigm shifts.
  4. Walk a mile in each other's shoes. You don't have to have cancer, depression, lose your job, or go through the exact situations your partner experiences to support and have empathy for him or her. Listen, research, and, ultimately, just be there without judgement and with open arms.
  5. Give each other the benefit of the doubt. Everyone has a light and a dark side. Try and bring out each other's strengths while loving each other through those weaker moments.
  6. Zip your lips. Take time to listen and really hear your partner. Close your mouth. Open your ears. Clarify what you hear to make sure you are understanding exactly what the other person is trying to tell you. And soak it in. Don't try and fix it. Don't judge it. Don't share how you can relate to it. Just listen!
  7. Put on a happy face. Everyone has a bad day every once in a while. And every relationship has its ups and downs. Unless the relationship is toxic and unhealthy, don't give up! Fake it til you make it with a goal to improve your marriage. And remember...marriage takes work.
  8. Provide a shoulder to cry on. Everyone feels the weight of the world on their shoulders at one time or the other...or more. Share the burden. Lend support.
  9. Switch things up! Appreciate each other's individuality, but also grow together. Take ballroom dance lessons or cooking classes, go to sporting events together, or do home improvement projects.
  10. Hold hands. There's no day like today to grab your partner's hand and squeeze love into him or her. Quick! Go hold hands. This blog post can wait.

This post is dedicated to my parents who celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary in June.

They have six children, nine grand children, and all sorts of fun memories floating in all of our heads. (Check out a pic from my own wedding 15 years ago!)

They've taught us to love life, work hard, appreciate the world around us, and give to others. They've shown us dedication, commitment, and what it is like to have fun in a relationship. Most importantly, they've pushed through the storms and enjoyed the sunny weather conditions of their relationship, showing us that as long as two people want to work it out, anything's possible.

Here's to being "mashly in love" like Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head when we grow old!

How long have you been married/in your relationship? What do you most love about your partner? (Go tell him or her!)

Mr. Potato Head photos courtesy of Hasbro.
Featured image courtesy of Flickr.
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