Mommy Dating: 4 Ways to Get to Know the Moms of Your Children’s Friends


Relationships—Now that school is back in session, hopefully you and your child are over the first day jitters. I know for our house, they can last for a couple of months. There are many things that involve going back to school; new teachers, new classmates, new schedules, and making new friends. I had a mother tell me recently that above grades and staying out of trouble, the biggest concern she had for her child was their making new friends and fitting in socially. I think that is a universal desire for all moms. We hope our child is happy and finds a place to fit in socially.

About this time of year is when our children come home and to our relief, begin to tell us of their new friends, but this is also when they start asking if their new friend can come home from school with them or spend the night. They are also given the same invitations from their new friends. Although it is exciting to know your child is happy and connecting with other children, it can be a little scary for us parents. Allowing our children to go home from school or spend the night with someone is something we should never do without meeting the parents and visiting their home, but it can be hard to approach the subject with the other parents without feeling like a helicopter Mom.

4 Ways To Get to the Moms of Your Children's Friends

This is why I think “dating” other Moms is so important. Not only for the safety of your child, but for your own peace of mind. Here are some tips for getting to know the Moms of your children’s friends.

  • Ask your child for the names of two or three of their closest friends.
  • Make an effort to go to a school activity and introduce yourself to the other Moms.
  • Tell them how fond your child is of their new friend (we all like to hear good things about our child), make small talk and exchange numbers.
  • Invite your child’s new friend as well as their Mom for a visit to your home. This allows you to get to know both Mother and child while allowing your guest to see your home and become comfortable with their child staying with you.

If the initial meeting goes well, your invitation will more than likely be reciprocated by the other Mom. Offer to bring a dessert, coffee, or tea to share. This will give you the opportunity to become comfortable with their home as well.

If the two of you make a connection, you are well on your way to a nice friendship. If you find that you don‘t have much in common with the other Mom, at least you can maintain an open dialogue and feel more comfortable with your child spending time in their home. I know it can be scary at first, but your child will appreciate you taking an interest in their happiness and safety; not to mention affording you peace of mind and sweet dreams while they’re away.

What steps do you take when your child asks you if a friend can sleep over and you've never met the friend's parents? How do you get to know other moms?

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Alicia Ivey is a wonderful mother who is very concerned about her daughter’s safety as any mother would be. Alicia has found that getting to know her daughter’s friends and their parents has been very beneficial. Alicia has enjoyed sharing this story with you and My Baby Clothes dot com. Find that perfect holiday outfit for your little one. The selection of baby clothes, baby hats and baby headbands will be more then you could have ever imagined.

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