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It's Mother's Day, and we have all heard the phrase, "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." For me, organization makes me happy. I love it when my kids pick up their backpacks and toys everyday. I appreciate it when they put away their shoes and their clean laundry without being asked. We can all shoot for a more clean and organized home to make us happy and feel more peaceful right?


60 Second Organization Rule

Some of the greatest organizers have said that if something doesn't have a home, then get rid of it. I try and live by the 60 second organization rule. Decide if you are going to give it away, sell it, store it, keep it (your stuff must have a home if you do), or trash it. The key is to make this decision in 60 seconds. Don't over think storing your stuff. If you follow the 60 second rule, you will be less likely to have piles build up.

We are excited to share this cute printable in our Organization eBook. I am framing it and placing it on my mantel for everyone to see. We also offer this printable in yellow.

Click here to print off the Everything In Its Place printable.

What are you doing in your home to make sure that everything gets put away and has a home?

This week, make sure you have a home for everything. If shoes are piling up, make sure you have a shoe bin for each person in your family or one central place to catch shoes by the door. If you have laundry build up, make sure you have bins to put clean clothes in. Each child can take their bin to their room and quickly put away their clothes, and return the bin back to the laundry room. Install hooks for backpacks and jackets.

For access to all of our Organization printables, please go "here".

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