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Now that we’re in the thick of holiday planning, where do you stand with your holiday shopping? Do you have some last minute shopping that you need to take care of before the holidays hit?

When in a holiday shopping bind, what’s your go to gift? Many people decide to simply buy gift cards. But why give a gift card when cash is more flexible, is less likely to get thrown away with wrapping paper and doesn’t expire? Especially now that with the advance of technology, it’s even easier to securely gift someone money. For instance, Bank of America lets you send money to another person using only their email address or mobile phone number.

Or, if you feel you absolutely must send a physical token of your appreciation, go ahead and send a check in the mail. The recipient can easily use Bank of America’s mobile app to deposit the check on their schedule.

Be sure to mark your calendar and join us on Tuesday, December 18 as we chat with Bank of America about last minute holiday shopping!

Giveaway Post Prize

This week's giveaway is all about last minute holiday shopping. One lucky winner will receive an iPad from Bank of America (ARV: $500).

Terms and Conditions

No purchase necessary to enter. Giveaway ends at 11:59 p.m. ET Wednesday, December 19. See all terms and conditions here. This giveaway is available to U.S. residents only.

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143 responses to “Prize Promotion from BofA: Win an iPad”

  1. Amy Mitchell says:

    Shop early and try not to bring your kids 🙂 It’ll make things go a lot easier!

  2. Colleen Boudreau says:

    make a list of what you’re buying for whom first.

  3. Katherine says:

    Shop the sales and shop all year~

  4. Vicky says:

    Online is one of my options also

  5. Jackie says:

    I have to say that online shopping has been the way to go! No lines and I always get what I need.

  6. Nataly Carbonell says:

    Take avantage of deals and o lots of online researches!

  7. Joy says:

    Start early! Don’t over spend!

  8. Jennifer Marie says:

    have a list and stick to it so you do not buy too much extra.

  9. Lewis F says:

    Shop early.

  10. Karen L says:

    Use social media and to help you get great ideas, discounts, free shipping and utilize rewards.

  11. Denise M says:

    use a deal aggregator like Deal News to check out the best deals from multiple sites

  12. Kathy Bakken says:

    I do most of my shopping online. There’s lots of free shipping offers out right now.

  13. Kevin E says:

    I shop early and avoid the crowds

  14. Nicki says:

    Don’t go overboard, and homemade gifts and baking is a wonderful gift for extended family members! Happy holidays 🙂

  15. Aimee W says:

    have a plan and a list! Smartphone apps are the best!

  16. Don’t wait til the last minute – avoid the crowds!

  17. Erica Buteau says:

    Shop local when you can, online for everything else!

  18. Eat a full meal before you start to shop.

  19. Oanh H. says:

    Compare prices on items you are looking to buy and use coupons.

  20. jeannine s says:

    make a list and stick with it

  21. Michelle P says:

    My fave tip: Shop with your smartphone! You can search for coupons that can be scanned in-store.

  22. erin d says:

    make a list and stick to it!

  23. Molly Bussler says:

    I look for the sales and deals, and try to leave my baby with a babysitter or my husband. Happy Holidays!

  24. Rona says:

    I’ve been an online shopper for years and love it.

  25. I like social media and blogs to find the best deals thanks so much…

  26. thuy vu says:

    I would say to plan ahead for parking time to be 30 min or more.

  27. carol scheive says:

    Don’t overspend

  28. Aline says:

    I shop online especially on Cyber Monday while listening to Christmas Carols.

  29. karen says:

    I start shopping the day after Christmas… this way if i see something that will fit my friends personality i have it.

  30. Betsy Barnes says:

    My best holiday shopping tip is go with a list and shop early 🙂

  31. Ashley Hatten says:

    Shop early and set a budget

  32. mara zamora says:

    Shop smart …coupons ,sales ,clearance & always compare prices

  33. Betty Baez says:

    Price compare, cash back sites, and coupons!!!

  34. Donna George says:

    My favorite tip is to make a list and check it twice. 🙂

  35. Cassandra Eastman says:

    I like to shop online to avoid the crowd, google promo codes for the site your shopping on and you can almost always find either free shipping or a percent off!

  36. Katrina Buening says:

    Wait til last minute!!!

  37. Allie S. says:

    Always plan to wrap your presents the same day you buy them. It will save you from staying up late wrapping presents on Christmas Eve.

  38. Phillip Buening says:

    You get better deals at the last minute!

  39. Whitney L says:

    I wear tennis shoes and there are a lot of last minute deals to be had so I go in and ask the cashier what the deals are then shop!

  40. Kenny F says:

    shop early

  41. Ryan Eastman says:

    Check the news leader for deals/coupons!

  42. Kristen says:

    My favorite holiday shopping tip is to use a card with rewards/cash back to help with saving even more on top of clearances! @firstclasskris

  43. Abby B. says:

    Shop with people you love! Safety in numbers, and it’s more fun 😉

  44. megan f. says:

    always compare prices!

  45. Tiffany Dover says:

    Shop early and online!!!

  46. Brandon Dithrich says:

    make sure you look at all options before buying because other places may just save you alot of money and that extra money can come in handy around the holidays!

  47. Rob Hestar says:

    Buy your gifts early or On black Friday/cyber Monday.Never wait to get gifts at the last minute! 😛

  48. Juan Sanchez says:

    Instead of shopping last minute, shop early!

  49. @n210ss says:

    My favorite holiday shopping tip is to do price/product research first!

  50. amy says:

    Do price comparisons

  51. Jeanne says:

    I love online deals

  52. Ashleigh Gunter says:

    Always look for sales and price matching 🙂

  53. MAMOTTS says:

    shop early and stash away so budget is all thru the year- copy recipts- some places have dis ink

  54. Shannon (@zoya513) says:

    Always compare prices!

  55. @cammiLH says:

    I wait until the week or so before for a lot of things. If I know it’s something that won’t sell out, it will be at it’s best deal closer to Christmas .

  56. Shari Prag says:

    Shop Online – Avoid the insanity of the stores! 🙂

  57. Jen D says:

    Price matching! Finding coupons also using one of the great price matcher apps on your phone!

  58. amber says:

    my fave shopping trip is to shop yearround at clearance sales and keep a gift closet or bin that you can pull from to save time and $ at holiday time

  59. Michelle says:

    My favorite holiday shopping tip is shop all year round. I keep a list in my purse of who’s on my list and what I’ve bought them, and a box under my bed with presents. I can get good deals and I can buy things when I think “Mom would LOVE that!”

  60. Deborah says:

    Know what you are going to buy before you go out to avoid spending more than you intended to!

  61. ginette4 says:

    My favourite tip is start early, check sales flyers and don’t shop with children

  62. Laraine King says:

    Shop for presents before December so the December bills aren’t so daunting.

  63. Sumo says:

    Price match and make a list so you stick to it!

  64. Gayle Vehar says:

    AMAZON PRIME!!! Best service ever!

  65. Phillip says:

    Shop online for better prices and convenience.

  66. Frieda says:

    I know I’m behind the times, but I have discovered that I LOVE online shopping! With gas prices the way they are, it saves me running around from store to store, looking for the perfect item!

  67. Natalie says:

    My favorite holiday shopping tip is to shop online as much as you can!

  68. Stacie S-H says:

    Make a list and stick to it & always compare prices. Sometimes online shopping , even if you have to pay shipping, is the better way to go

  69. jani lebaron says:

    Never go to Costco on a Saturday in December!

  70. Adrian says:

    I need to know how to do this. I don’t often give cash, but I promised one son I’d pay half to fix his phone and another I’d pay half for his speed skates. BofA could help.

  71. laura h says:

    favorite shopping tip–price comparison (and also factor in cashback rewards!)

  72. The tip I always follow, but not this year (sigh), is to get shopping done before Halloween!

  73. Alison Matalanis says:

    Try to do as much as possible online!

  74. Terry says:

    I love receiving cash as a gift!

  75. Michelle Mills says:

    Research for bad reviews…can eliminate disappointment of why “santa” would give a kid a toy that breaks.

  76. Judy S says:

    tip is to avoid the crowds and shop online

  77. kwai yip says:

    Tip: use red laser app to scan in the item and see if you got a good price!!! Shop clearance after christmas sales to get decor and seasonal items for the next year!! Sign up for company newsletters, facebook, twitter, to get the latest coupons and deals! Use cash back credit card if you can!

  78. Debbie G says:

    Shop early and make a list.

  79. Cindy C. @cangoninny says:

    Compare prices and shop with coupons

  80. Heather H says:

    You must have a list! Otherwise, you end up getting way too much unnecessarys!

  81. For me online shopping in the best no hassle being able to shop in your PJ’s is just the best!

  82. keeep a list of people you need to shop for in your purse year round so you never miss a good deal and don’t have to stress about last minute shopping.

  83. Sara Haaf says:

    My favorite shopping tip is do as much as you can online! Stores have so many tricks to sucker you into buying more.

  84. cherrie M. says:

    Have a budget

  85. Jeanette E. says:

    Shop at home and take advantage of sales and free shipping! Shop sales all year to be stocked up on great gifts at great prices for the Holidays!

  86. Kristin says:

    I try to shop in the middle of the day on weekdays so I don’t have tons of traffic and shoppers in the stores…and check those clearance racks, use coupons, and look out for sales!!

  87. tuesday says:

    Get coupon codes online before you check out!

  88. Keya says:

    don’t impulse buy when out shopping

  89. Shop online with a list is my favorite holiday tip. You can search for deals, free shipping and coupon codes as you are shopping cutting your costs even more.

  90. Kim Barnes says:

    I like to comparison shop online before making my purchases.

  91. My favorite holiday shopping tip is …have a plan so you don’t over spend!!

  92. Kimberly Snyder says:

    shop early, shop online, and compare

  93. Sarah Beth Madrigal says:

    My favorite holiday shopping tip is to always be prepared before getting into your car to go to a store. This means that you should have already shopped around online for the best prices and printed any lower prices for price match guarantees. Also, you will want to remember any reward cards for the store……ALWAYS remember that patience is a key to holiday shopping. Patience for the right sale and Patience for all those in line for the same sale.

  94. Arthur Caudill says:

    I try to stick to a budget, so things won’t be so hard after the holidays.

  95. Shop early!! 🙂 I am so not using that one this year but oh well!! 🙂

  96. angela winfield says:

    Compare prices first!!

  97. Shannon says:

    Avoid the crowds by shopping before the holiday season or online, use couponns and sales rather than impulse buy.

  98. I always check on line first to find the best deal.And I try to have a list so I don’t go spend crazy !

  99. stick to a budget, give a little ,take a little !

  100. Anne says:

    My favorite tip is to not stress too much about getting the perfect gift, because the thought is more important.

  101. Julie Davis says:

    go through websites such as ebates to get cash back

  102. Don’t wait until the last minute! Do research online.

  103. Heather says:

    Compare prices before purchasing.

  104. Tabathia B says:

    Always check online coupon sites for printable coupons and coupon codes for online shopping and take store ads for price matching

  105. Gerardo Zamora says:

    shop early and look for sales

  106. Joan says:

    Shop online during big sales if at all possible.

  107. Rhonda P says:

    Awesome prize!

  108. Jill H says:

    Shop all year long and price match for best prices.

  109. Debbie Terry says:

    My shopping tip is to buy things that people want dont buy anything because it is a good deal.

  110. @stacey5656 says:

    Read product reviews 🙂

  111. Rhonda P says:

    Shop all year long! You can find some great deals.

  112. Claudia Davis says:

    Shop for everything by mail and during the time between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

  113. Amber says:

    My favorite tip is to shop online and check for coupon codes, price compare, and utilize free shipping!

  114. Tim says:

    Get your shopping done before Dec 1st 🙂

  115. Summer says:

    My favorite shopping tip is to make a list, shop sales, use coupons and look for places that offer free shipping 🙂

  116. Sadie says:

    Always shop with coupons.

  117. Stephanie bailey says:

    Have a good attitude and it is the thought that counts, not price tag!

  118. Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    Research The Pros And Cons Of Product Before Making Purchase 🙂

  119. Shannon S. says:

    for me the price matches at Target it is so close to me

  120. Sabrina says:

    Do as much as you can online, it saves a lot of aggravation and time!

  121. Keisha says:

    I work with a budget and try to buy everything at the lowest price possible; whether that is by price comparisons, coupons or shopping sales. Planning is key for me!

  122. Tooth Fairy says:

    Favourite holiday shopping tip is to start early in November to compare prices while selection is good and not picked over. Label and save receipts in case the item goes on sale or needs returning!

  123. Shemp DeYoung (@ShempGames) says:

    Stay hydrated.

  124. Karen T says:

    My favorite holiday shopping tip is to watch for ideas all year long. Don’t wait until December.

  125. Ned says:

    A list in your iPhone is clutch!

  126. Bree Tinch says:

    checking my list

  127. rachel travis says:

    Don’t forget about sites/apps like Deal Chicken and Groupon! I got a “HerStyler” set that is selling at a kiosk in the mall at $300 for $49 on Groupon!


  128. Mark Travis says:

    Shop online – Black friday deals are often available a week before Thanksgiving and you can avoid the mess and save lots of $$$.

  129. Wanda McHenry says:

    Avoid the crowds, do the majority of your shopping online so then all you have to do is pick up the “little” things.

  130. Lisa Lodter says:

    I always make a list and stick to it not matter what!

  131. Christopher Lodter says:

    Start in September and try to finish all shopping by Thanksgiving weekend.

  132. Liz Newsome says:

    Shop all year long – that will help distribute the stress and the cost so it’s not so overwhelming in December!

  133. Kat says:

    At Target, some toys will go on clearance about a week before Christmas. It sometimes pays to procrastinate. lol.

  134. Tamara B. says:

    Use your credit or debit cards that offer cash back and other rewards.

  135. Great tip is to get as many apps to make your life easier as possible! Great app is mobile banking from Bank of America – you can deposit checks via your phone, save time from having to go to the bank and standing in line! Do everything early so you don’t stress out when it’s Christmas-time!

  136. Debra says:

    Finish your shopping BEFORE Thanksgiving!

  137. Laura says:

    Make a list!

  138. take a list and stick to it

  139. Bud L says:

    Shop on Christmas Eve – You get the best deals

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