Putting Me First: Week 3 as a Mom at a Live-In Weight Loss Camp

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Weight Loss CampThe Wall…. I have been hearing about hitting the wall since the first day I got here. At some point, usually week three, everyone supposedly hits the wall.

All the carbohydrates are burned out of your muscles, you have been away from home for awhile, your muscles are tired and a little strained, you may be fighting an injury, the enthusiasm you arrived at camp with is beginning to wane, lots of the friends you were close to left on Sunday and then you go to your second weigh in to start the week off!

I kept thinking that this would NOT happen to me because I was more prepared, more centered and now I knew what was coming. I was, as usual, completely mistaken!

Losing Weight Isn't Easy

I had my weigh in on Monday morning. I had a goal of 5 more pounds. The anticipation didn’t really get any better for it being the second weigh in. I also got my measurements done. I lost an additional 4 pounds. At home, on my own, 4 pounds is great! Being here, coming up a little short of my goal, 4 pounds sort of felt flat. I called my husband and he made me feel a lot better, even if it made me miss him more! I knew I had to get back on the horse and give 100% this week so I can hit that 5 pounds next week!

I started off our Monday morning hike in good spirits and quickly felt like it was my first day! My heart rate spiked to 177 and I couldn’t catch my breath. I had to slow down. At boot camp, there is the metal sled that you can add weights to called “The Butcher”, that we have to push across the field like football players. I couldn’t get it there and back in the time that we had, my muscles felt so weak! It was frustrating and my roommate (and boot camp partener) reminded me that it was my third week!

I finally feel hungry this week again and that has helped my energy levels come back up as the week progressed. It hasn’t hurt that the food has been phenomenal! I really have to question some days that our meals fit into our calorie allotment because it feels like I am cheating. I have a new favorite that I can’t wait to learn how to make at home. The crusted chicken spinach salad! I didn’t leave one leaf of spinach on my plate.

What? Food That Tastes Good & Is Healthy For You?

We also had PIZZA this week. It had a spelt crust and we had a choice of a Mexican style pizza or a chicken and vegetable pizza. My roommate, Savannah, and I ordered different ones and shared so we could taste both! We had breakfast crepes with berries, a variation of taco salad, chicken soup, ahi tuna steak… so many great meals that I really do feel like I am on vacation. At least until we have to pack up to get to strength training, kettle bells, kick-boxing or whatever our next class may be!

A really positive part of my week three has been the nutrition training. We had a nutrition class to learn all about green shakes. Bonnie taught us the benefits of using greens like spinach and kale in the blender with water, ice, fruit and natural sweeteners like agave or stevia. Then she made several different shake combinations, including: Just spinach, spinach with lemon, spinach with cantaloupe, spinach with berries, and spinach with pineapple, banana and raspberries. They were actually surprisingly good! Plus, the one with spinach, water and ice has only 10 calories and provides 3 hours of energy and tons of vitamins.

Nutrition at Home

I can’t wait to get home and get my kids drinking this with breakfast instead of juice! It might be my entire breakfast on days I am in a hurry. We also had nutrition training with Leah, one of our trainers, all about snacks! We learned that snacks need to be between 150-180 calories and include something with fiber and energy (like fruit) and something with protein (like nuts). It was really helpful information to take home for me as I would love to pack my snacks and my kids snacks! One really huge benefit of taking this time now for me is that I can teach my children to develop healthy habits to last throughout their lives!

Breaking Through The Wall

This week has forced me to re-commit to working out hard while I have the chance. I had to work around some minor injuries (shin splints and a sore rotator cuff). I had to keep going when I had no energy. I dealt with some guilt at leaving my family home while I am here. I realized I felt melancholy because some dear people I have become very close friends with leave the end of this week. I am leaving for a week to return home and take care of things and when I return I will have only one week left at camp. My trainers have been inspirational at getting me through both the tough physical challenges and the emotion strain that my week three has been. I made it through the wall and I can’t wait to get back to camp to kick some booty for my final week!

Have you ever felt like giving up? Have you ever struggled to stick to a program? Have you ever hit the wall?

I am 37 years old and a mom of 4 beautiful daughters. I am a stay-at-home mom who is never HOME! I do some work from home helping my husband run his business. My weight was not a problem until I got pregnant and began having children. I have never completely lost that weight. I have tried different diets and felt like a yo-yo for the past 8 years! (see me on far right of picture)

A combination of things happened in my life to make me decide to make some major lifestyle changes and putting myself first, making healthy choices for me and my family. Please join me on my journey here at the Mom It Forward Blog, on the Premier Fitness Blog, and on the Today's Mama Blog, as I do five weeks at the live-in camp and get twelve weeks of coaching and support after I return home. This is going to be life-changing! It is already life-changing!

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