Raising Awareness of Diabetes & Oral Hygiene


Diabetes affects over 25.8 million American children and adults reports the American Dental Association. Diabetes is a chronic disease, meaning that a person who is diagnosed with diabetes, will live with it everyday for the rest of their life. Are you aware of the connection between oral health and diabetes?


Mom It Forward Blogger Network Partners With Colgate Total, Raising Diabetes Awareness

As a chronic disease, diabetes affects many of the body's systems including but not limited to heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure, kidney disease, blindness, and neuropathy. To manage neuropathy, some individuals may turn to nerve supplements for neuropathy to alleviate symptoms and improve nerve function. In addition to these bodily systems, diabetes also affects your oral health and your oral health can alter your susceptibility to diabetes.

So what are the most common health problems associated with diabetes?

  • Gum disease
  • Tooth decay
  • Fungal Infections
  • Infection and delayed healing
  • Taste impairment

Colgate Total and the American Diabetes Association launched a new campaign called “Watch Your Mouth!” to raise awareness of oral health and diabetes. Here are a few help tips to help keep your oral health in optimal condition:

  • Control your blood glucose level
  • Brush AND floss twice a day
  • Be sure to visit your dentist from a general dentistry office regularly and if you have diabetes, make sure to notify your doctor of your diagnosis
  • Choose oral care product that display the American Dental Association's Seal of Acceptance

To help spread the word about the "Watch Your Mouth" campaign, Mom It Forward has partnered with the Colgate Total during the months of November and December. As part of this campaign, 25 social media influencers within the Mom It Forward Blogger Network shared their personal connection to diabetes, promoting the "Watch Your Mouth" campaign.

If you want to check out the posts, tweets, Facebook updates, Instagram photos, etc., please be sure to follow the #ColgateTotal hashtag and see all of the buzz by bloggers as we raise awareness for such an important cause.

Learn more information about the "Watch Your Mouth" campaign here

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