Relationships: How to Stay Close to Loved Ones at a Distance


They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, could it be true? There are many changes in life that often pull us away from those we love most but that doesn’t mean our relationships with them need to dull. Love is stronger than anything else, even distance. With a little devotion, your relationship can become even stronger than it was before.

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Whether it’s your spouse that has moved away for work, your child that has moved to college or a brother across seas, keep your ties strong. Here are some ways you can keep in touch with your loved ones at a distance.

6 Tips to Strengthen Relationships with Loved Ones Far Away

  • Call each other as often as possible. There’s nothing better than a good old fashioned chat to keep your relationship healthy. Keep them involved in what is going on with the family and give them details of your days.
  • Use other technology devices as much as possible. Send texts throughout the day and jump on Skype chats so you can see their faces.
  • Send letters in the mail. Everyone loves receiving a happy thought amongst their bills.
  • Remember holidays as if they were with you. Send them gifts, cards or decorations to spice up their place for the holiday.
  • Serve them from far away. Think of what you usually do for them and a way that it can be done where they are. If you cook them dinner, send them a gift card to a restaurant. If you wash their car, send them a car wash coupon. If you do their laundry, send them a few coins for the laundry mat or a coupon for the dry cleaners.
  • Send pictures of things you have recently been involved with. It’s one thing to tell them about an event but it’s another to get to see you in the midst of all of it.

It is hard to be separated from those you love. Let their absence bring you closer and make your heart grow fonder. Though there’s distance, they’re not as far away as you think!

How do you show your love to those far away?

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