Remembering the Loss of a Child


When a friend or family member has experienced the loss of a child it is difficult to know what to do. Finding ways to show them that you are thinking of them and remembering the loss of their child is an important way to maintain your relationship and also let them know that you care and have not forgotten about their pain.

The first few years after loss are extremely difficult but even after that, there are many days that can be hard for a grieving family. Birthdays and anniversaries can bring back painful memories and are a good time to let someone know you are keeping them in your thoughts.

Here are a few ways to let someone who has been through the loss of a child know you care:

Ways to remember the loss of a child

1. Light a candle- This may seem simple but it can be such a meaningful way to show you are keeping them in your thoughts. If there is an especially difficult day coming up, light a candle on that day and let the family know you have done so. Your small act can mean so much.

2. Donate to a charity- Find out what charity brings the most comfort or support to the grieving family and make a donation in memory of their loved one.

3. Participate in a walk or help organize one- If the grieving family is interested, help them organize a walk in memory of their child. If this is more than they are interested in doing, you can participate in a walk in your area that raises money for a cause that relates to why their child has passed. Maybe there is a cancer walk or one for premature births nearby.

4. Send a card- Grieving families are feeling their pain long after the funerals and memorial services are over. Let them know you have not forgotten about their loss by sending cards at times when they might not be receiving them any longer.

5. Memorial jewelry- There are several sites that offer personalized memorial jewelry for those who have lost a loved one. Saying their child's name often can be so important so having it memorialized on jewelry is very meaningful. You can find personalized jewelry at sites such as The Vintage Pearl or Nelle and Lizzy.

What to give to someone who is grieving

No matter what you do, whether you buy a gift or do something small, it is so important to let them know that you care and that they are still in your thoughts. Families who have lost a child grieve all year long and it can be such an isolating process. Let them know that you are remembering with them and they will truly appreciate your kindness.

How have you helped someone through grief or loss?

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