Resolutions: Apps to Keep Your Spiritual Goals


Setting goals that feed your soul is a great way to live a balanced life. Specifically, meditation and prayer, yoga, photography and things of that nature help you appreciate the world around you and stay centered.


This is part four in a five-part series of posts, recommending a variety of resolutions—and help with keeping them—to help you lead a balanced lifestyle. Post one delves into resolutions that are good for your physical health. Post two talked about your social and emotional well being. Last week in post three, we talked about ways to become lifelong learners. And next week's post, part five in our series will address ways to help you overcome setbacks and establish an accountability system for keeping your goals.

13 Goals to Help You Nourish Your Soul

Here are ways to grow spiritually and some iPhone and iPad apps to help meet your goals.

  1. Serve daily. (Gratitude & Happiness)
  2. Laugh. (Laughter Deluxe)
  3. Increase your positive self talk. (Positive Thoughts Lite)
  4. Increase your happiness. (Gratitude & Happiness)
  5. Relax, pray, and/or meditate. (NatureSpaceRelax Melodies HD)
  6. Do yoga. (Yoga Free for iPad)
  7. Keep a family blog or a journal. (JournalPro)
  8. Take and edit photos. (Pic Collage, Pic Stitch, PS Express, SnapseedPhonto, Diptic, Camera+)
  9. Share photos and videos. (Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, YouTubePinterest)
  10. Enjoy nature. (National Geographic TravellerMoonPhaseSunrise/Sunset Lite)
  11. Adopt a green living lifestyle. (Go Green)
  12. Plant a flower or vegetable garden. (Garden Guide HD, Gardening, Gardenate)
  13. Visit local attractions like to zoo, aquarium, bird preserve to appreciate animals. (Aquarium HD, Aquarium I.D.)

 What are you going to do this year to nourish your soul?


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