Shopping: 5 Benefits of Joining a Monthly Subscription Service

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Hop on Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram and you're bound to see people posting photos of boxes that arrived from a monthly subscription service. These boxes might be filled with dog toys from BarkBox, healthy snacks from NatureBox, clothing items from Stitch Fix, or baby products from Googaro. What are the benefits of joining a monthly subscription service? I was interested in learning more, especially after Googaro approached me and asked if I would be interested in receiving one of their boxes.


5 Benefits of Joining a Monthly Subscription Service

Discover New Products

There are hundreds of new products entering the marketplace every day. The thought of trying to wade through all of the products to find what your family loves might be frustrating and overwhelming. Thankfully, monthly subscription services fill their boxes with all sorts of new and exciting products that are tailored to fit you and your family's needs. Each month, you'll receive a care package that includes items that your family is bound to love.

Lessen Research

Do you know someone who is entering the world of parenthood? Being a parent is one of the greatest and most challenging roles you can take on in life. You want the best for your precious little bundle, yet sleepless nights and meltdowns make it difficult to find the time to unearth the best and most necessary products out there. Despite aspirations of being that super hero parent, you soon learn that stealing a few minutes for yourself means naptime—not research time. Companies like Googaro lessen the research by helping you discover incredible new products. This company will curate and ship a care package of 4-5 full-sized products tailored to your baby’s age.

Keep Your Family Happy and Healthy

Monthly subscription services are all about simplifying your life and helping you discover new products that are a perfect blend of practical, safe, stylish, delicious, and/or fun. Simple things like choosing baby lotion or a toy need not be frustrating. Companies like Googaro have professionals on staff (aka picky moms and dads) who are constantly reviewing new products and evaluating them for quality, safety, and sustainability. In other words, these companies can do the dirty work for you and find the products that will keep your family happy and healthy.

Reduce Shopping Trips

Let's say you go to the store, walk up and down every aisle trying to find the best products for your family, spend tons of money on products that your family members may or may not like, and then get home only to discover that your family members don't like the products that you brought home. Talk about frustrating. This shopping trip not only wasted your time but also wasted your money. Instead of scratching your head in a store aisle asking yourself, "Will he like this?" Why not sign up for a subscription service tailored to your family's likes and dislikes? By doing so, instead of wasting time at a store, you'll receive fun packages every month filled with items that will be of use to you and your family members.

Make a Charitable Donation

Did you know that many monthly subscription services donate a portion of their proceeds to a charity? Not only will your family receive goodies every month, a charity will also receive a gift. What's not to love?

What's your favorite monthly subscription service?

Disclaimer: Googaro sent me a box to review. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.
Photo courtesy of Googaro.
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