Sleep Number Giveaway: Win a Sleep Number Bed to Help Relieve Your Pain


Do you ever have trouble trying to fall asleep or stay asleep because of pain? Do you feel like Goldilocks trying to find just the right firmness of the mattress, fluffiness of the pillow and softness of the sheets? Sleep Number recognizes that people have specific levels of comfort and firmness that work for them, so they designed the Sleep Number Bed. A Sleep Number® setting, which can only be found on a Sleep Number mattress, is a number between zero and 100 that represents the ideal combination of mattress comfort, firmness and support for your body, giving you the best night’s sleep possible. The Sleep Number bed is clinically proven to reduce back pain and because each side can had independently adjusted, it’s great for the nine out of 10 couples that disagree on mattress firmness.  And, Sleep Number is giving YOU the opportunity to win a Sleep Number bed of your own!

The Prize

This week’s giveaway is all about solutions to relieve pain and help you sleep better. One lucky winner will receive a Queen Sleep Number p5 bed set with standard UPS shipping; ARV $2,080.

The Tweets

Please tweet the tweets below in order to be eligible for a chance to win the Sleep Number bed. In the form below, please include links to your original tweets.

Entry Requirement

For a chance to enter and win, please complete the following form (every field is mandatory and must be completed in order to enter the giveaway). Please note: Giveaway is available to U.S. residents only.

Thanks for your participation in the Sleep Number Giveaway. The contest is now closed.


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30 responses to “Sleep Number Giveaway: Win a Sleep Number Bed to Help Relieve Your Pain”

  1. […] management. The party will be held on Tuesday, March 29 from 2-3:30 p.m. ET (1 CT, 12 MT, 11 PT). Click here to see details about the giveaway and enter for a chance to […]

  2. Toni Moore says:

    Thanks for the awesome opportunity! Sweet dreams! ZZzzzz!!
    🙂 @VectoringMomma

  3. Scott Martin says:

    I RSVP’ed

  4. Donna Boruff says:

    Super Excited!!!

  5. Jennifer Peters says:

    Thanks for the Chance, Hubby could really use this he has degenerative disk disease with chronic back pain, i believe this bed would help him to sleep more comfortably

    will be there @JK8675309 🙂

  6. cheyanne2163 says:

    Thanks for the giveaway am hoping for the bed and finally some good nights sleep! 😀


  7. Ravzie @DiverSheila says:

    You don’t know just how badly the hubster and I need this!!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. Do you have California Kings? If we won, we’d have to pay the difference to upgrade. I hear the commercials all the time and it sounds like something we need! Right now if my husband shifts in his sleep I wake up. It feels like a tidal wave hit!

  9. Hope my entry went through. Went to another tab after clicking submit; no message that it went but fields are clear again.

    Glad to see that I can still enter even though I missed the party. Sick kid today then needed nap at party time.


    bctripletmom at gmail dot com

  10. Amy C says:

    My fingers and toes are crossed

  11. Natalie J. Vandenberghe says:

    This is a fabulous prize–thanks for the giveaway!

  12. Mariah says:

    Well this is awesome!!!! So glad I came by:)

  13. Tony Bertram says:

    Heres the two links to my post. Not sure if my entry went through, filled out form and submitted but it does not say weather it went through.

  14. JoeyfromSC says:

    I entered via the form! Thank you SO much for the chance to finally get a good night’s sleep lol:)

  15. marybeth i says:

    I sumbitted the form (did not get confirmation either). Great giveaway! I think my husband and I would love this – we are opposite on everything – including our preferred firmness of the mattress.

    I agree with Janet – I would love to upgrade to the king.

  16. Jerry Lafferty says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! Awesome giveaway! Thanks for the perfect solution to a sleepless night.

  17. Suzn Reazin says:

    I really need to win the sleep number bed for my dad who is sleeping in his recliner because his memory foam mattress hurts his back.

  18. Cindy H. says:

    Woohoo! I entered! This would be a dream come true!!

  19. NANCY LEE says:

    I will will! I want the bed! Everyone in my family owns a Sleep Number Bed and raves about it. I must join them!

  20. Sheryl C says:

    Great giveaway much needed.Keeping my fingers & toes crossed.Thanx for this giveaway.

  21. gigi says:

    WHO WON?

  22. doreen says:

    Please post winner on twitter..Thx!

  23. Our winners are posted at in the giveaway thread. Thanks so much!

  24. Please check in the giveaway thread to see our giveaway winners. Thanks so much!

  25. doreen says:

    Looked all over the link above and could not find a winners section for the sleep number bed…pls advise.

  26. Jen Tilley says:

    The winner has not been announced yet. We will be sure to post the winner on within the next couple of days. Stay tuned!

  27. Julie Sharwtz says:

    My dad Has extremely high amounts of pain in his legs and back would love this bed for him @waterbluffy

  28. Tammera Widell says:

    Would Love to Win a Great Bed ! 🙂 #SleepNumber

  29. Paul Polk says:

    I would love To Win this Bed. I Have Scoliosis and I have a Hard Time Sleeping.

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