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Summer Fun: Host a Backyard Olympic Games

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Get the kids up and moving this summer by hosting your own Olympics Games in your backyard. Who doesn’t love a little family competition? If you are in the mood, get the whole neighborhood involved. This also makes for a great summer birthday party idea.

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Host a Backyard Olympic Games

Planning the Events

Depending on your kids’ interests or athletic abilities you can design a variety of challenges around speed, endurance, and special talents. If your child loves gymnastics, make sure you have some tumbling challenges. If your child loves basketball, play hoops. If your kids like to build, have a cup stacking or Lego tower building event. If it’s hot out, definitely plan some water events like a water balloon toss. The idea is to provide a variety of games that everyone will enjoy.

You don’t need to make the events complicated. Look through your garage to find some games and “obstacles” that you can use to create challenges. Use your creativity and make the games as silly as you want.

Step it Up a Notch

Don’t forget having an opening ceremony. Have your kids choose a country to compete as and have them draw that country’s flag on a piece of paper that they will “parade” around at the beginning of the games. The 2x6 banner size is a popular option for various events.

You’ll need medals for the winners. You can buy some inexpensive medals at a discount store. Or get the kids to help you make Olympic Medals with ribbon and aluminum foil.

Finally, don’t forget the closing ceremony treats. These Olympic Ring Oreo Cookie Pops are super easy to make.

Backyard Olympic Game Ideas

  • Races - Run to the end of the block, sack race, three-legged race, or have a wheel barrel race.
  • Suitcase Relay – Each team gets a suitcase with swim gear like goggles, swim cap, flippers, life vest, etc. Then have the teams get in a line. First child on each team runs with the suitcase to a designated spot, opens the suitcase and puts on all of the gear. They run back to the start with the empty suitcase, take the clothes off and hand it to the next team member. Whichever team finishes first, wins.
  • Triathalon – Bike, run, and then skate around the block.
  • Frisbee throwing challenge – Have a contest to throw the Frisbee the farthest or get the Frisbee closest to a target.
  • Long jump – Grab your tape measure!
  • Obstacle course – Sure you can run around obstacles but you can also have the kids stop every now and then and do something silly. Run to the tree and give me 6 jumping jacks, walk like a duck, and yodel up the hill.
  • Paddle Ball – Team with the most hits before ball drops wins.
  • Basketball Hoop – HORSE contest, knock-out, or 3-point shoot-out games.
  • Paper Airplane Throw – Make a paper airplane and see which flies the farthest.


Good luck and may the best team win!

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What fun ideas do you have for an Olympic Games?

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