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Home Management: 7 Items to Track on Your Family Expenses Sheet

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In a world that seems to become ever more expensive by the minute, people are looking for ways that they can revamp their finances. This is more challenging for people who are starting to build a life with their family. Tracking your family expenses is a great way to see if you have enough money to cover all your expenses. 

Ignoring some of your expenses is not the perfect solution to handle your family budget. Start with tracking …

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balancing checkbook Creating a Budget: 4 Ways to Take Charge of Your Spending

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I wasn’t always so “budget savy“, but as the saying goes, “desperate times, cause for desperate measures.”  So I had to learn fast to keep a budget and stay consistent. See how I was able to find a long-term fix to a tight budget.

Creating a Budget

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grocery cart Resources for Family Meal Planning on a Budget

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I love a good deal, but am not the best at clipping coupons or following through with sales searches.

In fact, I tried one of those weekly programs where you clip the coupons and go to specific stores on certain days and ended up in one of the aisles of

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Finances-Money-Couples-Budgets-Budgeting Marriage and Money: How to Avoid Fighting About Finances


I’m fairly certain that marital strife entered the picture right around the time the practice of bartering was replaced with the use of paper money. When we bartered, we all had the same power. As long as you had a skill or could make something, you could trade your skill

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