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Service Ideas: Use the Power of Words

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This week’s Season of Service challenge is inspired by one we offered a little over a year ago, based on the verb “talk.” We dare you to do one small act of service this week in which you communicate, either orally or in writing, to uplift or to help. What we say can be so powerful, as Diane Setterfield, author of The Thirteenth Tale, wrote: “There is something about words. In expert hands, manipulated deftly, they take …

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Time Management-Goal Setting-The Road Ahead-Beginning With the End in Mind Goal Setting: Increase Productivity by Focusing on Your End Goal

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Goal Setting—Think about the path you are heading down. What is your end goal? What do you want to accomplish?

If you aren’t sure, ask yourself: “If I achieved success… on this project, task, or endeavor, what would that success look like?” Or, “If I arrived at the end

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Kallman-Family-Manifesto-e1284996598726 Living Life With Purpose: a Family Manifesto by Isabel Kallman

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Picture a young woman in her twenties. She will soon graduate from Columbia University in New York. She is full of aspirations for the future, and as she reads Stephen Covey’s First Things First…, inspiration as well. She goes on to marry and work on Wall Street for a

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