Tapping Into Your Inner Creativity With Kim Demmon of @TCreativeBlogs

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I freely admit that I don't have a creative bone in my body. I am really good at organizing and executing, but not so good at decorating and designing. The thing is: I'm okay with that. I still enjoy scrapbooking and other hobbies that require an element of creativity, but I've learned to rely heavily on creative sites and people for my inspiration. This can be considered creativity of a sort, according to Kim Demmon, founder of TodaysCreativeBlog.net, in that I know what inspires me and how to bring that inspiration into my hobbies. That's really what Kim is all about: helping people tap into their inner creativity.

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Four years ago, she started her site, which features a new creative blog almost every day, because she got inspiration from looking at the many creative projects other people put on their blogs. She wanted to highlight them and have them all together in one easy-to-access place, so she started TodaysCreativeBlog. She admits she feels like "Mr. Magoo," having walking blindly into it, but she is continually excited by the the projects she sees and people she meets. "It's been a wild ride," she says. Over the years, she realized that the people she featured felt honored and empowered when highlighted on her site, so that has become her focus. Instead of featuring just products and projects, like many sites, she features people. "TodaysCreativeBlog is all about empowering and lifting women up. I am so lucky to have great readers who enjoy creative inspiration as much as I do," she says.

Read her blog for five minutes, though, or better yet, talk to her for a while, and you'll see that the site's just another expression of her passion for creativity and connecting with other bloggers and moms. She is herself the mother of one 11-year-old boy, whom she adores, and says: "if you don't feed yourself with something creative, you can't enjoy being a mom." Indeed, she feels strongly about being a mom, and the need for all women to realize the important role they play. Too often, she says, we block our own creativity by getting caught up in the obligations of being a mom. "But," she advises, "don't box yourself into what you think is creative. It can be creative homemaking, creative play, even taking on creative writing jobs, etc. Even creating your day is important."

So, as I'm preparing to write my New Years' Resolutions, my weekly goals, and my daily to-do-lists, in danger of becoming overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of what needs to be accomplished, I am refreshed when I visit her site. I am reminded of the importance, nay the necessity, of building an hour into each of my busy days to let the creative juices flow. I advocate the importance of hobbies for moms, as a means of much-needed balance. I, like Kim, adore my children and strive earnestly to nurture them on a daily basis. I stand with her in encouraging you to make each day creative, in whatever way you can.

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