giving back

This Summer’s Last SOS Challenge—Giving the Gift of Cleaning and Organizing!

giving back

Summer-of-Service-Challenge_Week-14_Be-Squeaky-Clean_Dyson Does your spring cleaning ever turn into fall cleaning? Or, do you feel that the housework is never done? This week is the last in 14 weeks of  Summer of Service challenges and is sponsored by Dyson, because it is all about making this week—starting with today!—squeaky clean for you, your friends and family, and/or your community. Here are 10 ways to do that.

  1. Make time to clean or organize one area of your house/apartment each day this week no matter how big or small.
  2. Put the days of the week on a different piece of paper and have your children draw a different day out of a hat. On the assigned day, help your child clean his or her room, teaching the skills needed to do it on their own.
  3. Go through all the sock drawers in your house, matching up all the pairs and throwing out those without a match.
  4. Have a family cleaning party. One example is to play songs like "Whistle while you work!" and see who can pick up the most things or get the most accomplished before the song ends.
  5. Be a clean person by living according to your values. For example, be honest and fair in all of your dealings, be a person of integrity, etc.
  6. Identify a friend or family who is sick, having a difficult time, or who could use a break. Stop by their house unannounced and do their dishes, empty their garbage, sweep and mop their floor, or clean the guest bathroom. If you know this person well and have access to their house, do it anonymously!
  7. Take your children to a local park or cemetery and spend 15 minutes picking up the trash.
  8. Call a local non-profit agency or church and make arrangements to help weed, pick up trash, or clean the facilities. If appropriate, take your children along to help.
  9. The next time you are at a friends, family members, or in laws for dinner, offer to do all the dishes after the meal.
  10. Have a laundry folding party as a family and play games as you fold and put away the clothes.

How Will You Give to Others This Week?

  • What other ideas do you have for being squeaky clean this week?
  • What are things that get in the way of cleaning for yourself, your family and friends, or your community?
  • What are ways to overcome these challenges?
  • How has being squeaky clean this week made a meaningful difference for you? For others?

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