Holiday Shopping: Top 10 Toys for the Holiday Season

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It's always hard trying to find the best new toys that are not only entertaining but long lasting. How many of us have toys filling our home that are not in use and just sitting in a pile? Mom it Forward was able to attend an event put on by Time To Play and see some of the top toys for this holiday season.

Top 10 Toys For The 2012 Holiday Season

Here are the "must-have" toys for boys and girls:

Collage of different kid toys

1. Crayola has come out with some new and exciting products that will enhance any boy's creativity. The new DigiTools 3D pack lets you create art on your iPad that looks like it's popping out. The pack comes with 3D glasses that will excite and be a perfect item to bring on that flight home from the holidays.

2. Disney is always coming out with toys that every kid will enjoy. The Wreck-it-Ralph Action Figure was voted one of the top 12 toys this season. It's a mechanical toy that talks and has a hand smashing action. What boy wouldn't like that!?

3. Imperial Toy has come out with some great toys ranging from young to old. One of the top toys for boys ages 2-6 are the Little Tikes Bubbles Bubble Bellies. These come in four different characters and allow for non-stop bubbles. You can also see how low you are on bubbles through the belly. This would be great for entertaining a group of kids.

4. Furby is back and better than ever! Hasbro has come out with a new interactive Furby that has a mind of its own. Through the website, you can create your own Furby based on your child's favorite colors. Your child can talk to it, play music for it, and even feed it! Furby will develop its own personality depending on how you treat it.

Bobble Bots lined up in a row

5. The Bobble Bots Moshi Monsters are a fun and exciting toy developed by Innovation First. These new Bobble bots are collectable robotic pets and play sets that provide a creative time for children to build with their hands. There are 24 new Moshi Monsters that came out in 2012, along with a variety of configurable 3D sets of replicating streets, yards, buildings, and houses that the monsters can live in. Pretty amazing!

The top 5 toys for Girls ages 3-9:

1. Big Time Toys has created a new child-safe play oven, "The Incredible Shrinky Dinks Maker." This oven is very unique because it allows children to see their fun creations shrink right in front of them! This also includes jewelry making, ID tags, key chains, and charms.

2. Cloud B is a company that designs toys to help children sleep. Sign me up! These products are very soothing and comforting for children and will make your home peaceful for everyone. Their designs include fun stuffed animals that little girls would love to snuggle up to while it plays soothing music to put them right to sleep.

Little boy sleeping next to a glow-in-the-dark turtle

3. Cra-Z-Art has come out with some new and innovative art and stationery products. The new 3D Shimmer Sparkle is perfect for a little girl who loves makeup and nails. It makes stick on jewels and your little girl can create her own stick on nails with glitter and bling.

4. With Cinderella finally making its debut after years of hiding, you can imagine what Disney has created for our little princesses. They have come out with some amazing dresses, slippers, dolls, and even Cinderella Castle Magic Play Set. 

5. Famosa is a European company that has been around since 1957. Their goal has always been to create toys that help with a child's development. This season, they have created Pinypon, a fun and exciting new set of mini dolls along with pets, play sets, and vehicles. This is the first year the Famosa is hitting the U.S. market, which is very exciting.

What are some of your family's favorite toys?

MT Soffe has been living in New York City for the past five years where she has become a wife, mother of two, and an owner/operator of an up and coming eyelash extension business. Before her life in NYC, she was working as a professional makeup artist working in the fashion, television, and film industry. Being a mother of two in the city has its challenges but she has grown to absolutely love city life and what it has to offer. Her and her family have been having a blast exploring the city and finding fun things to do with kids. Follow her on Instagram, @mtsoffe@eyelashnycPinterest, andFacebook.

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