Top Bloggers Share Tips for Success in 2015

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I just came back from a conference and one of the things I love best is hearing from other bloggers what is working for them and doing well for them. I want to learn from the mistakes and successes of others so I can maximize what I'm doing. So we asked our Mom It Forward Community for their top tips for successes and got some great gems from them. See their top success strategies below and pin or share your favorites!

Top Bloggers Share Tips for Success in 2015

"Focus on the quality and passion first. The money will come if that's done in a smart manner." by Crystal Green of Tidbits of Experience

Crystal Green

"I've learned that you can't please or write to everyone's taste. Pick your brand and your subject and stick to it. Ignore the negative comments." by C Lee Reed of Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

C Lee Reed

"Although most posts should be well thought out and carefully edited, sometimes it's the rawest ones, the ones that spill out of you in five minutes that you're scared to hit the publish button on, are the ones that get the best response. Don't forget to be real when you blog. That's how people form a connection with you." by Lauren Baker Cormier of Oh Honestly

Lauren Baker Cormier

"I've learned not to accept everything you're offered. It's best to be yourself and be unique." by Ellen Lafleche-Christian of Confessions of an Overworked Mom

Ellen Lafleche-Christian

"Spend time on things that will have the most impact and spend time on the social sharing sites that your readers/customers are on. You cannot be everywhere, so be where you are needed." by Raquel Pineira of Organized Island

Raquel Pineira

"I blog because I believe in what I write but at the same time I only write when inspiration hits. Now that my blog is growing and it's become something so meaningful to me one thing pops in my head. I need to "BE INTENTIONAL". I was scared that if I tried scheduling posts or forcing myself to write the blog would somehow lose it's integrity but I see now that even if only to myself and God I have a responsibility to follow through on what I started and be intentional about it." Iris Williams of Women After God's Heart

Iris Williams

"The importance of being present. Meaning, sometimes, we need to stop ourselves from writing a post, snapping a picture, and just enjoy the moment." by Jamie Gall of Minnesota Girl in the World

Jamie Gall

"The importance of letting go of control and asking for help which allows focus and clarity for bigger things." by Goldie Erowele of CareNovate Magazine

Goldie Erowele

"Your time is so precious! If what you are doing doesn't move you toward one of your goals, it is ok to stop or say no!" by Kate Thompson Eschbach of Songs Kate Sang

Kate Thompson Eschbach

These are some great tips and inspirations for you to keep in mind with your blogging as you plan 2015. I enjoyed hearing what these fabulous bloggers had to share.

Which of these tips speaks to you the most? What's your top tip for success blogging?

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